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with Katie Nesbitt

February 2024 | Open Doors Yoga Studios Canton

Through this hybrid-style learning of online and in-person sessions, this comprehensive 25hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training will allow you to gain the knowledge and necessary tools to more effectively work with individuals who have experienced trauma, and better understand how to safely guide and support students and clients along their path of recovery and healing.

As a yoga teacher, coach or wellness leader, it is crucial to be aware of the prevalence of trauma and maladaptive stress responses in our current society. Enhancing your understanding of trauma-sensitive yoga techniques and science-based somatic practices can enable you to make a significant difference for your students, community and yourself. This educational and experiential training is a holistic merging of modern science and ancient yogic wisdom to better support students with a history of trauma and maladaptive stress responses.

Learn essential trauma-informed teaching techniques to establish a supportive environment for both you and your students. By cultivating a safe and nurturing environment, you can promote deeper self-awareness, foster connection, improve trust, build empowerment, and help your students or clients embody the yoga teachings for personal development and more impactful growth for people of all backgrounds.

Cultivating a trauma-informed approach is crucial for the evolving landscape of teachers, ensuring they can effectively and compassionately support individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Integrating the wisdom of yoga with modern science and evidence-based tools is essential for fostering a safer and more informed environment, and enabling a profound and meaningful journey of personal growth for all.

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Key Areas of Learning:

-The significance of mental health, trauma, and a maladaptive stress response

-In-depth neuroscience education related to trauma, maladaptive stress responses, the brain, and the power of neuroplasticity

-Key neurochemicals and hormones related to trauma and our stress response

-Education of the autonomic nervous system, modern theories and approaches

-How to recognize and understand signs of dysregulation, and how to guide students through nervous system regulation techniques

-Detailed exploration into concepts of the nervous system, such as the Polyvagal Theory, Window of Tolerance, neuroception, interoception, and effective modalities and techniques for nervous system regulation and resiliency

-Understanding the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy, and its correlation to modern science

-How and why mindfulness is a foundation to healing and thriving

-Meditation and Pranayama techniques useful for trauma recovery and regulation

-Introduction to effective somatic practices

-Trauma-informed teaching methodologies to ensure you create a safe and effective environment for yourself and your students in group classes and private sessions, class set-up, structure, importance of regulation and co-regulation, and key differences in teaching traditional public classes

Training Schedule:

Saturday, Feb. 3: 9:00am - 12:00pm  (virtual - live zoom)

Sunday, Feb. 4: 9:00am - 12:00pm  (virtual - live zoom)

Tuesday, Feb. 6: 6:30pm - 8:30pm  (virtual - live zoom)

Thursday, Feb. 8: 6:30pm - 8:30pm  (virtual - live zoom)

Saturday, Feb. 10: 10am - 6pm  (in-person, Open Doors Canton)

Sunday, Feb. 11: 10am - 5pm  (in-person, Open Doors Canton)



Students must attend and complete all six virtual and in-person classes totalling 25 hours of study. Certificate of completion will be provided. 25 hour CEU’s can be earned for Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers.



Early Bird Discount: $695

**Save $150 by booking before 12/31/2023**

Regular Price: $845


Spaces are limited to 20 students.


I’m not a yoga teacher, can I still take the training?

Yes, although this training is geared towards yoga teachers, this training is truly for anyone interested in understanding and supporting one’s own trauma or maladaptive stress responses, or to better understand and support a loved one with a history of trauma, as well as mental health professionals, educators, and coaches who wish to more effectively support their clients. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. If for some reason you cannot attend the training, you can apply the credit to any future offerings at Open Doors Canton within 12 months. No refunds or credits once the course has started.

Is there someone I can talk with if I have more specific questions?

We are here for you and happy to answer all your questions. Please email us at or contact the instructor, Katie Nesbitt directly at

About Katie Nesbitt

Katie is a globally recognized educator, yoga teacher, and somatic therapy expert with an extensive international reach. With degrees in Psychology and Business, and also holds accredited certifications in Somatic Therapy, 500-hour E-RYT, Breathwork Facilitator, Meditation Guide, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Coach. Specializing in somatic therapy, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and active breathwork, she seamlessly integrates numerous modalities for a holistic and integrative approach to supporting others along their path to optimal well-being.


With a passion for trauma-informed teachings, Katie conducts transformative trainings worldwide, leaving an important impact on countless individuals. Her teachings empower others to enhance their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, equipping them with invaluable tools to safely move through stress, grief, addiction and trauma.


Katie also founded Soulscape Retreats, a successful international retreat company leading retreats to beautiful and cultural locations worldwide, and also extends her expertise in consulting for large Corporate Wellness Programs in the U.S., where she actively supports employee mental health.


Learn more at:

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