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Yoga practice varies depending on the style of the class. Each style of yoga has different degrees of intensity and challenge. It can be a gentle or intense workout aimed at improving flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. Classes are from 60-90 minutes. Each session builds core strength, quiets your mind, and increases body awareness. Great for eliminating aches and pains, diminishing chronic health problems, getting in shape, building muscle, losing weight, breaking old patterns, and healing emotional wounds. Whether you are young or old, athletic or not, experienced or inexperienced, yoga can work for you!



Our Beginner Basic class allows the yoga student the opportunity to learn in a slower-moving environment. The yoga poses will be broken down into basic elements and will include modifications so any student can safely practice. The class is taught at a slower pace, allowing for gentle transitions between postures. This practice will have both gentle and challenging aspects to it.

This class is suitable for all body types, fitness levels, and ages. It will benefit students new to yoga as well as experienced students looking for an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the poses. At least 5-10 Beginner Basic classes are recommended before moving on to a Moderate or Power class. 

Students who enjoy less heat and additional instruction may choose to stay with the Beginner Basic class.

Strength Building / Increased Flexibility. Heat will be at about 80-85 degrees.


POWER YOGA All Levels Heated

This vinyasa flow is an active and challenging class, blended with different styles of yoga designed for all levels of students. Every class has an open flow and a different sequence, taught in a heated space. Instructors will provide variations to poses to suit all student levels of experience.

Heat will be 85-90 or more degrees.


POWER YOGA Level 1 & 2 Moderate Heat 

A class for all levels from beginners and experienced students. Instruction is given while moving from one posture to the next. The class is designed around a flow with basic postures, moderate intensity, and moderate heat.

More challenging than our Beginner Basics Class. Heat will be 85-90 or more degrees.


POWER YOGA Level 2 & 3 Hot  

Our Power Yoga is a flowing blend of different styles of yoga. Every class will have a different sequence (open flow) and intensity level, depending on the instructor. The practice may include inversions and hand balance postures. It is a heat-based, active and intense class. At least 5-10 previous Moderate Power or Beginner Basics classes are recommended. 

High Intensity and High Heat 95 degrees or higher.




Our Community Classes are a great way to try our spaces and style of yoga. Open to All Levels of experience. Class cost is only $5 or $10 (dependent upon the studio). Monthly memberships also apply.

Classes may be heated – confirm with individual studio location owners.


RESTORATIVE YOGA All Levels Room Temperature

In this mostly seated and supine (laying down) class, you will experience deep stretching and deep relaxation of mind, body, and spirit. Restorative postures allow you to fully recover from all the stresses and strains of life by relaxing the muscles, lowering your heart rate, and allowing your nervous system to slow down. You will leave this class feeling restored and relaxed. All levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat, water, blanket, and towel. Additional recommended props: blocks, straps, bolster.

The class will be at room temperature.


YIN YOGA All Levels Room Temperature

Yin Yoga Class is a necessary complement to more active Yang styles of yoga (power, vinyasa, hatha). The instructor will guide you through a series of postures with enough time to go beyond the muscular system and deeper into the connective tissues (ligaments, joints, fascial networks, and bones). This practice can benefit a wide variety of students. It helps create balance and peace of mind. It is a perfect remedy to the chaos of everyday life. Postures are held for a longer period of time (1 to 5 minutes). Reiki Energy Healing may be offered throughout class.

The class will be at room temperature.



Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of candlelight and aromatherapy to calm the mind, awaken the senses, and open the body as we move toward a state of bliss. Moving at a slower tempo, we'll flow through a gradual progression of sequences while taking full, deep breath cycles to create spaciousness. We will take the time to allow your intuitive mind to explore the benefits of each posture with humble curiosity. Perfectly paced to calm your nervous system so you can drop into your body and drop out of your thoughts.

Heat will be 80-85 degrees.


POWER YOGA SCULPT All Levels Room Temp

A traditional Power Flow with instructions on using weights for both toning effect and intensity to burn extra calories during the vinyasa flow. There will be both heavy and lightweight exercises and options. This class is designed so that a student attending class who would prefer not to use weights will enjoy the sequences as in a standard flow class.

The class will be at room temperature.


POWER SLOW FLOW Level 2 & 3 Hot

Build strength and flexibility in this slow flow heated class. This practice offers a slower progression of sequences and longer holding postures where the entire mind and body are brought into balance in this focused and intense class. You will be encouraged to explore the benefits of each posture while finding equanimity between challenge and release. 

High Heat 95 degrees or higher.

ROCKIN' POWER YOGA Level 2 & 3 Hot 

Our Rockin' Power Yoga is a dynamic mixture of spirit & sweat! The class is a high intensity flowing vinyasa based yoga that may include inversions and hand balance postures. Rock out in this class with fun, upbeat music. It is heat-based, active and intense class. At least 5-10 previous Moderate Power or Intro to Power Yoga classes are recommended. 

High Intensity and High Heat at 95 degrees or higher.


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