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200 Hour Yoga Alliance Nationally Registered
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Transform your life!
Explore the Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training Experience.

The Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training has both six month intensive and an eight or 12 month schedule depending upon location. Our 200 hour experiential teacher training program has a strong focus on teaching skills.

The program meets all core Yoga Alliance competencies including:​

  • designing your own class for all levels of students

  • analysis of each posture with a focus on alignment and modifications

  • hands on adjustment techniques

  • both physical and energetic anatomy and physiology

  • yoga philosophy and ethics

  • other yoga practice modalities are also offered

Upon full completion of this program students will be able to establish themselves as full or part time instructors in a variety of setting. Interested candidates must have at least 6 months of dedicated yoga practice of any style.

Graduates will receive Yoga Teacher Certification through Open Doors Yoga Studios, a registered Yoga Alliance program. Registration also includes a lifetime membership to our Open Doors Teacher Training Resource Center, an online library of videos and materials specifically designed for the yoga teacher. 

To register: 

1. Complete our easy online application.

2. Secure your space by paying your deposit online or mail check as per instructions on registration form.


Interested in taking our Teacher Training but need the funds?
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NEW ENRICHMENT STUDY PROGRAM OPTION: For those who want to study & explore the world of yoga, but aren't necessarily interested in teaching. We now offer an Audit Only Yoga Teacher Training. Visit our Enrichment Yoga Study Program page for details.
What our recent graduates have to say...

"I am extremely grateful for my experience in the Summer Intensive program. I made new friendships with a wonderful group of individuals which grew deep roots. We spent hours per week learning, laughing and occasionally crying. 

We got to watch each other, ourselves and our practices grow almost before our eyes. Such an experience would not be possible without the Open Doors’ faculty. The instructors injected every session with the gentleness and compassion.

My yoga practice and life shifted in an extremely positive direction. This would not have been possible without the full immersive experience of the Summer Intensive program." -Tom Riesenberg, Summer Intensive Class of 2018

"Yoga is something that makes me feel good all over, inside and out. Before signing up for the 200 hr Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training, I was a yoga novice. I had a lot to learn about the art of yoga, but what I did know was that being on my mat gave me a unique sense of self and a feeling of freedom that is hard to find elsewhere. I signed up because I was craving growth in my personal practice, but through the Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training, I gained so much more than I could have imagined. The program gave me a chance to explore and grow in a safe space that garnered not only education but also community and kinship with my fellow students and teachers. The program is an investment in every sense of the word - but it is one that is worth every second and every penny. The friendships you hope to gain and the knowledge you wish to attain are all part of the process. Soon after graduating I began teaching at one of their locations and am so grateful to be a part of the Open Doors family. Sending love and light to all those who may be considering Open Doors for their yoga journey." -Erica Hermanson, Summer Intensive 2018

After 15 years of doing yoga, I decided it was time to become a teacher…but I had no idea what I was in for.  The Teacher Training program at Open Doors has had a significant impact on my life.  I walked in with a perspective that was completely changed over the course of the seven months I was there.  The teachings were as diverse as the teachers and I learned more than I ever anticipated.  The group of souls that I spent all that time with is now like a family to me, supportive, connected, and forever in my heart.  While the details of movement have become paramount to my practice, the philosophy and spirit of the program were what astounded me.  While I knew philosophy would come into play, I never expected to experience it at the level which I did in this program.  My expectations and goals were exceeded. Marissa and Matt have created a wonderful program and business with a beautiful community of souls. As an entrepreneur, I know that it isn't easy to run a business and make it successful. So let me be one who sings their praises and sends an acknowledgment of all their hard work and "heart" work. I am truly blessed to have had this experience and am thankful for the opportunity." - Sheri Sibley, Teacher Training Graduate 2021

Upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings 2021
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Fall * 7 Month Program * Duxbury, MA

Starts October 1, 2021 through April 29, 2022

Application and Deposit required to hold your place in the program. Tuition includes a lifetime membership to our Teacher Training Resource Center.


Dates & Times: 

Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 2pm

(no classes on public holidays/school vacations during school year)



$500 deposit to hold your space

Standard Tuition: $3,000 paid in full by the start of the program

Payment Plan: $3,200 paid in payments* 

*Payment plan available: deposit of $500, plus 3 payments of $900 due the 1st of November & December 2021, January 2022.

Payment by cash, check or credit card.


Tuition is refundable prior to the third class less a $150 administrative fee. 

For further questions, please contact Marissa Delisle at 781-850-5132.


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Winter * 12 Month Program * Taunton, MA

Starts January 15, 2022 through December 11, 2022
Early Bird Registration Discount: Save $200 if you register by December 15, 2021

Application and Deposit required to hold your place in the program. Tuition includes a lifetime membership to our Teacher Training Resource Center.


Dates & Times: 

Saturdays 12:15- 6:15pm


Sundays 12-6pm

(no classes on public holidays/school vacations during school year)

Jan 15th and 16th

Feb 19th and 20th

March 12th and 13th

March 26th and 27th

April 9th and 10th

May 7th and 8th

May 21 and 22

June 18th and 19th

July 9th and 10th

August 6th and 7th

September 10th and 11th

October 8th and 9th

November 5th and 6th

December 10th and 11th



$500 deposit to hold your space

Standard Tuition: $3,000 paid in full by the start of the program

Payment Plan: $3,200 paid in payments* 

Early Bird Registration: $2,800 paid in full by December 15, 2021

*Payment plan available: deposit of $500, plus 3 payments of $900 due the 1st of February, March, and April 2022.

Payment by cash, check or credit card.


Tuition is refundable prior to the third class less a $150 administrative fee. 

For further questions, please contact Marissa Delisle at 781-850-5132.


Program Instructors
Marissa Delisle, Program Director, Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training, Boston, South Shore MA, Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training, Certification


I discovered yoga 20 years ago leading me on a journey of self discovery and deep spiritual growth. I invite yoga students to unearth their true self through creative expression in their yoga practice. I believe yoga is in each moment, each breath, both on and off the mat. I have received by 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and have been certified in Marma Nadi Chakra Yoga and Trance Dance by Shiva Rea. I also hold a certification with YogaMedics, a modality that works with those challenged with chronic pain and other serious health issues.


Matthew Mullen, Core Instructor, owner, Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training Program, 200 hour, Yoga Alliance Registered, Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Boston, South Shore MA


I am first and foremost a humble healer, a Massage Therapist trained in many modalities, from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Sports Massage and a Yoga Instructor since 2008. I have been blessed to be a Massage Therapist for over 20 years. In those twenty years I have been honored to work on thousands of clients, priding myself in creating a sanctuary for real and lasting healing to occur.

Being a Massage Therapist led me to the study of Yoga. I became a Yoga instructor in 2008 having completed a 200 hour teacher training with Richard Lanza and the amazing teachers at Open Doors Yoga Studios. I have since studied with Shiva Rea in Trance Dance Yoga, Cameron Shayne in Budokon a fusion of Yoga and Martial Arts and Don and Amba Stapelton from The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.

My interest in yoga began as a teenager reading anything I could get on eastern philosophy.  What resonates with me and my love of yoga is that yoga is a question, an inquiry,......Who Am I.

 In addition to teaching yoga classes I also teach in our 200 hr program.     


Lyn Pompeo, Core Instructor, Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training


I am forever thankful to the dear friend that introduced me to yoga decades ago. The journey started slowly but eventually led me to the Open Doors Teacher Training program in 2006 led by Richard Lanza and Shawn Cornelison. I entered the program with absolutely no intention to actually teach yoga asana, but as life sometimes goes I have not stopped teaching since completing my 200hr. As a vinyasa lover I teach a very breath centered class. My intention as a teacher is for students to find their own way through the postures with breath and lightness, maybe a little bit of laughter and a challenge along the way. The practice of yoga is constantly changing for me and I have been extremely fortunate that the right teachers have come into my life at the right time. I am so so grateful for these teachers and this practice that has changed my life and intend to keep it going, with teachers new and old for years to come.



With great enthusiasm and dedication, Radhika Priya Sakhi (E-RYT 500) has been learning the compassionate practice of yoga for over twenty years.  She is devoted to joyfully serving all beings with unconditional love, and this is the core concept that shapes the way she shares her understanding of the practice of yoga and meditation with others.  She teaches a variety of styles, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, Slow Flow, and Power, while adjusting each to suit the environment and the needs of the practitioners present.  She has certified knowledge and experience in teaching to a rich diversity of students, from children to those who are differently abled, to those who are recovering from trauma.  She also serves as the lead teacher for several Yoga Alliance affiliated Yoga Teacher Trainings every year. Radhika Priya’s personal learning and experience have shown her that yoga slowly reveals a treasure of infinite contentment within the heart, and that this is available to all who seek it within, with guidance.  She’s happily anticipating the opportunity to practice with you!




Slava Kolpakov, originally from Siberia, Russia, is a fiction writer, marathon runner, Thai massage master, and a yoga philosophy teacher in the Vedanta tradition of Swami Satchidananda.

Slava has been a yoga teacher since 2002, completing several Integral Yoga certifications, and the 750-hour Structural Yoga Therapy training in 2005. He started teaching Hatha Yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City in 2002, under the guidance of the late Yoga Master Swami Satchidananda. 


Since then, Slava has taught yoga, the Yoga Sutras, and Vedanta philosophy at multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings in Boston, MA, and San Diego, CA. In 2017, he wrote a book of inspiring stories and practical applications of Yogic principles: Threads of Light (available on Amazon). He is currently working on a historical novel. 

In addition to teaching yoga, Slava has been a Thai Massage therapist since 2004, and has taught Thai Massage since 2009. He had owned two sports massage centers in Boston for 11 years, certified hundreds of massage therapists around the country in the art of Thai massage, and has worked with thousands of professional and recreational athletes to treat and prevent athletic injuries.  


Recently relocated to San Diego, Slava is happy to be back on the West coast.