Open Doors Yoga Studios Franchising

A Message from Richard Lanza:

Thank you for visiting the Open Doors™ franchising informational page.


We believe an Open Doors™ franchise represents an excellent opportunity to be part of the increasingly popular and recognized practice of yoga.


Between November 2016 and November 2017 our 32,000+ students rolled out over 128,880 yoga mats to practice with Open Doors™.


Dedicated to providing instruction in yoga and all that it has to offer physically, mentally and spiritually, the Open Doors™ concept is one that has captured the attention of yoga instructors and students alike for its promotion of the yoga lifestyle – one that has health and well-being as its foundations.

With 12 years in operation and multiple locations in Southeastern Massachusetts and the Greater Boston area, the Open Doors™ business model has proven to be a remarkable success. We are now prepared to expand upon our enormously popular concept by offering the Open Doors™ opportunity to entrepreneurs.

You can be a part of this exceptional prospect by becoming an Open Doors™ franchisee.


Please read through the material on this page carefully. If the idea of becoming the owner of an Open Doors™ franchise appeals to you call or email Richard Lanza for an initial short discussion. If it appears as though we would be a good "fit" together, we will set up time for giving you further details.


We appreciate your interest in our Open Doors™ franchise and look forward to hearing from you soon. Should you have any questions regarding this franchise opportunity, please contact us.

Richard Lanza

November 2016 - November 2017
our 38,200+ students
rolled out over
128,880 yoga mats to practice at
Open Doors™.
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own a yoga studio, yoga business franchises, franchising gyms, start your own business, own a fitness studio, top franchises in Massachusetts,

Our History

Richard Lanza has been exploring the different branches of yoga and forms of holistic health for more than 40 years; in fact, he started his own yoga practice while still a teenager. His entrepreneurial spirit continued to blossom over the years during which he owned a variety of businesses.

Richard is a trained acupuncturist, and massage therapist, worked at a weight loss clinic and even entered the corporate realm for the duration of a decade as an area manager for a large regional supermarket chain.

But the call to return full-time to the discipline of yoga became louder and clearer over the years for Richard, whose primary work has centered on psychic and spiritual healing.

In 1992, that call was heard when Richard, who has taught yoga workshops nationally and internationally, welcomed clients to the first Open Doors Holistic and Metaphysical Center and in 2003 Richard launched the first Open Doors Power Yoga Studio. In seven short years, the Open Doors™ concept has flourished, with multiple locations throughout the Greater Boston area and Southeastern Massachusetts currently in operation.

And now, Richard Lanza is prepared to offer the opportunity to own and manage an Open Doors Yoga™ franchise to others who desire to embrace the yoga lifestyle and all it has to offer.

The Open Doors Experience

"Yoga for Every Body" is not just a motto at Open Doors™ -- these four words represent the very essence of the Open Doors™ experience, one that for the past seven years has introduced thousands to the practice and lifestyle of yoga.​


In relatively short time yoga has become a part of mainstream culture in this country, practiced by an estimated 20 million Americans to manage stress, promote health and create a meaningful life.

The Open Doors™ approach to the practice of yoga is built around health on many levels. We understand that people experience changes throughout their lives and that yoga is one vehicle that can drive change down a positive path. As a source for exercise, stress reduction or a means to reduce negativity and introduce positive energy, "yoga is for every body."​

The Open Doors™ method of yoga includes power yoga and gentle yoga. Power yoga is a flowing blend of many yoga styles. These classes are held in a heated room, and are available at different levels, from beginner to experienced student. In addition to the heated yoga classes, gentle forms of yoga are also available. The Open Doors™ concept has garnered much recognition for its supportive culture and end product of health and well-being.

Open Doors™ locations typically run 18 to 25 classes per week, translating to about four classes a day. An Open Doors™ studio is normally owned by a yoga instructor or by someone who has a strong interest in yoga. Owners typically teach classes themselves and maintain a staff of instructors to teach the remaining classes, although some owners prefer to solely focus on running the business and leave all teaching to their instructors.

Since the Open Doors™ company has worked diligently to build name recognition and a reputation for excellence, all Open Doors™instructors must be auditioned and approved to teach within the Open Doors™ system.

Ultimately the Open Doors™ mission is to provide a vehicle for people to enjoy health and happiness, taught by Open Doors™ franchise owners and instructors who genuinely want to be part of a culture that is creating a positive force in the world.

As an Open Doors™ franchisee, you can be a part of this remarkable opportunity.

Our Ideal Open Doors Franchisee

Our ideal Open Doors™ franchisee is someone who:

  • Has a strong interest in yoga or is a yoga instructor
  • May practice yoga
  • Recognizes the benefits of the yoga lifestyle
  • Recognizes the concept of teamwork
  • Is interested in personal growth
  • Creates a sense of community within the studio

Franchising: How it works.

One question potential franchisees sometimes ask is, "Why should I buy a franchise? Why can't I just go out and start my own business?"


The real value of a franchise is what you gain from the experience, know-how and operating plan that come with it. Without the professional training, business experience, or connections it takes to succeed, it is difficult to get off the ground. Many small business owners even hire outside individuals with experience just for advice. Face it; opening your own business independently takes time and money.

The advantage to franchising is that, with the right opportunity, it provides you with a series of benefits that it might take years to develop on your own – if you develop them at all. The Open Doors™ opportunity gives you the ready-made framework within which to build a successful business.

For example, as an Open Doors™ franchisee, you enjoy advantages that put you light years ahead of the independent business operator. Name recognition and a network of support provide an immediate and distinct competitive edge over the independent, stand-alone business. You can avoid that costly trial-and-error period that causes so many problems for start-up businesses. As a franchisee, you’ll "hit the ground running."

And as owner of an Open Doors™ franchise you cans set your own hours…and those hours are quite reasonable in comparison with most franchise opportunities, particularly those in the retail and service area.

Each year, more than $800 billion in goods and services are sold through franchises in the United States. There are over 550,000 individual franchise outlets nationally, and each working day, a new franchise opens every five minutes. You could be a part of this growth story — as a part of our Open Doors™ franchise experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need business experience to run an Open Doors™ franchise?

Prior business knowledge, a strong interest and respect for yoga, or experience as a yoga instructor are beneficial in running an Open Doors™ franchise; however we provide an extensive and comprehensive training program as part of the franchise opportunity.

Where should I locate my business?
The prime location for an Open Doors™ studio is a high-traffic area in a building between 1,200 and 2,000 square feet.

How is an Open Doors™ franchise different from other business opportunities?
An Open Doors™ franchise can be opened for less money than typical service franchises and is a proven business model with build-in efficiencies that reduce corporate overhead. It is easy to manage with few employees and even during recessionary times, yoga classes maintain high level of attendance.

What do I do next?
Contact Richard Lanza at or contact him directly 781-820-8039.