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Beverly Bielewicz

Beverly Bielewicz

It took me sixteen years of dreaming, and four years of planning, to become a yoga instructor. My classes are open-hearted, friendly, and accessible to all; my teaching style mirrors my personality. I love creating community through yoga. My inclusive style of instruction invites students to explore movement and breath with safe physical alignment and energetic awareness, allowing participants to discover their own peace, power, and presence. I believe that the practice of yoga teaches us skills to become compassionate citizens of the world. RYT500 Sacred Seeds Yoga, Jacqui Bonwell, 2017; RYT200, Open Doors Power Yoga, 2015; Certifications: Yin Yoga, SPA Yoga, Balanced Athlete Level 1, Reiki I; Additional training hours in teaching yoga to beginners. Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga Certification, anticipated June 2018.


Cindy Bowser

Cindy Bowser 

Cindy Bowser is a 200hr CYT through Open Doors- 2013, 300hr CYT through Sacred Seeds with Jacqui Bonwell-2015. I began my yoga journey in 2010 taking my first class at Open Doors and have been hooked since that class.  I’m proud of leading a fun-focused, challenging vinyasa flow with rocking upbeat music.  My main goal for students leaving my class is to feel better than when they came in and to really help them let loose and have some fun.  


Ann Margaret Caljouw

Ann-Margaret Caljouw 

I discovered yoga later in life, and once I found it, I knew it was going to be a big part of my world. I completed my 200-hour YTT in 2020 through Open Doors, and I look forward to many fulfilling teaching days ahead. As a yoga teacher, what I bring to my classes is a sense of calm, groundedness, and ease. My teaching style is clear and accessible, and my goal is to teach students in a way that doesn’t overcomplicate or overwhelm the experience. As a yoga practitioner, what I love about yoga is that the experience is always changing and evolving, and yet, it provides steadiness and constancy. Every time I step onto my mat, I give myself the opportunity to focus my mind; strengthen my body; and lift my spirit. With yoga, there is an ever-present feeling of hope, of looking forward, and of beginning anew—this is what I hope to share with all of my students.



Meg Carroll

Meghan Carroll has been practicing yoga for 4 years. She has been involved in sports and fitness for most of her life. A competitive tennis player in high school and college. She has a degree in exercise science and personal training certification through ACSM. Meghan has been working in corporate fitness for the past 9 years. Initially drawn to yoga for the physical aspect, she was amazed by the mental and spiritual benefits of a regular practice. The desire to help others discover these benefits led her to enroll in the Open Doors teacher training program. Meghan hopes to share some of the joy that yoga has brought to her with her students.


Moira Congdon, Open Doors Yoga Studios, Instructor, Weymouth MA
Joanne Keenan

Moira Congdon

Moira Congdon, RYT-200, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NASM-Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Yoga for me is an expression of equal parts strength, sweat, breath, and dance. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist in addition to an RYT 200, and that background in athletic movement and physicality is reflected in my flows. Expect a good dose of core work and dynamic movement that will challenge and empower you, set to deep tribal and house beats that will rhythmically sync with your breath and flow. My classes are athletic, hot, sweaty, and loose - meant to liberate that stuck energy and release what holds you back and weighs you down. Always with a soul-centered reading at the beginning and an essential oil savasana massage with cool stone at the end, I lead us in and out of class with a grounding connection to the authentic self that will leave you with calm energy and balance.

I also teach the Power Yoga Certification within our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and am proud to be a lululemon Ambassador.

Joanne Keenan

500 hour certified yoga teacher, Certifications: Restorative yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga and Reiki level 2 Practitioner. 

I fell in love with all aspects of yoga after my first class! I love the mind, body, spirit connection and the importance of slowing down and becoming aware of your breath, heartbeat, thoughts and emotions. My classes are accessible to all and include a blend of yoga, meditation, Reiki and spiritual readings. I hope to help others find the ability to give themselves the self-love, attention and self-care they deserve in order to create an overall sense of well-being. See you on your mat!


Stephanie Coggins Kelly,Open Doors Yoga Instructor

Stephanie Coggins Kelly

From a young age, Stephanie has been an athlete. Whether it was competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, figure skating, or playing street HOCKEY with her brother, she loves being active. As she became older, her muscles WOULD sore quicker and her joints were stiff immediately after a workout. She admits she wasn’t originally draw to yoga and the one class she tried at the gym left her feeling, just, blah. In 2013, Stephanie was going through a difficult time in her life and decided to try a class at a local yoga studio with a few friends. This time, not only did she want her body to be relieved from pain, she also wanted her mind to be clear. When she walked into the studio she felt a sense of community, love, and dang, did it smell good! Shortly after, THE ACHES AND PAINS DISAPPEARED and she was starting to feel herself again. Over the past few years, she has become passionate about her practice and using THE TOOLS SHE'S LEARNED to help her students who might be struggling PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY just like she had been. “The practice of yoga is a practice and every time we show up ON OUR mat THE PRACTICE WILL FEEL different. Maybe you didn’t sleep well the night before or you’re anxious about the day ahead of you. Whatever the day may bring, what’s important is that you leave what doesn’t serve you purpose on YOUR MAT." Stephanie is continuing her practice spring 2018 with a certification in Buti Yoga, a practice that empowers women and men of all ages to promote happiness and health. In the future she would like to be certified in working with post-traumatic stress and chronic conditions such as grief, depression, and anxiety. The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. Namaste! Check out her website: www.stephaniekellyyoga.com

Moira Congdon, Open Doors Yoga Studios, Instructor, Weymouth MA

Moira Congdon

Moira Congdon, RYT-200, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NASM-Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). Through her various backgrounds in yoga, dance, personal training and her specialization in corrective exercise, Moira has always been a student of human movement, and the connection between mind, body, breath and spirit. A self-professed “Type A Yogi”, she was originally drawn to her true love, Vinyasa Flow, in her prior hectic life in financial services, raising young children and competing as a triathlete. The aspect of meditation in movement was the perfect antidote to her clenched jaw, tight neck, raised shoulders, sore muscles and shallow breath...and was transformative in both the physical and emotional release it provided. Her studies in corrective exercise, focusing on the kinetic chain within the human body addressing muscular imbalances leading to compensations, tightness and injury, have a great influence on her classes. Expect a healthy dose of corework, strength-building, and muscle endurance as well as a focus on flexibility in areas that have developed a need for special love in our sedentary lives during Covid - neck, shoulders and hips. Her flows are an energetic, upbeat rhythmic dance of breath and movement. Moira’s practice includes meditation, breathwork, thematic readings and a connection with yoga philosophy. She looks forward to providing you with a practice that leaves you with a calm and steady energy to move forward in your day with presence and intention.

Marissa Delisle, Marma Nadi Chakra Yoga, Trance Dance Teacher, YogaMedics Teacher

Marissa Delisle (Instructor & Co-Owner of Weymouth, Duxbury, Norwell Studios / Director of Open Doors Teacher Training Programs)

Marissa discovered yoga 10 years ago leading her on a journey of self discovery and deep spiritual growth. Marissa invites yoga students to unearth their true self through creative expression in their yoga practice. She believes yoga is in each moment, each breath, both on and off the mat. Marissa is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and has been certified in Marma Nadi Chakra Yoga and Trance Dance by Shiva Rea. She also holds certification with YogaMedics, a modality that works with those challenged with chronic pain and other serious health issues.

susie donahue.jpeg
Evangeline Denai Earl

Susie Donahue

Susie discovered yoga many years ago, when she wanted to try something new from her normal fitness routine. That first yoga class made her realize how deeply she needed to connect with herself. The period of time of letting go of self destructive behavior while simultaneously discovering yoga and breath/body connection was a fiercely transformative period for her. These transformations carried through this time and through her 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings. Susie brings a great sense of humor and a unique perspective to class, and will challenge you to challenge yourself physically but more importantly, emotionally and mentally. Susie hopes that her classes will encourage you to feel stronger, brighter, and more grounded in your time on and off the mat. When Susie is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her playing with her dog on a hike somewhere or taking dance classes! Susie is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, certified in power vinyasa, trauma informed yoga, primal movement, and restorative yoga. She is also a Reiki Attuned Master Level Healer.

Evangeline Earl

A life-long learner passionate about movement and health, Evangeline begin regularly practicing yoga in 2019 while recovering from injuries. Discovering a renewed sense of peace in her soul, and a warm welcoming embrace into the local yoga community, she realized how critical yoga was for her healing process, both physically and mentally. In 2020 she decided to pursue her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Open Doors Yoga Studios in Weymouth, MA. Evangeline’s classes are Vinyasa-based, slow-flow, with a strong emphasis on breath, awareness, and functionality. Her focus is to provide a welcoming and joyful environment for her students, helping them connect with their bodies & find stillness in their lives.

Lauren Folan

Lauren Folan

Lauren was first introduced to yoga in 2010, when she took her first class ever and was hooked immediately! Yoga was the peace and serenity she needed, but could not find in corporate America. In 2013, she decided to put the financial world behind her and pursue a career in what she is passionate about - teaching. Not only did she go back to school for teaching mathematics, but also enrolled in Infinite Yoga's 200 hour training program in San Diego.

She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and teaching with an authentic and fun approach. Lauren believes that yoga is not just about the physical aspect - it is about becoming stronger mentally and emotionally as well. When you are having a good day, come to your mat. When you are having a bad day, ESPECIALLY come to your mat. She is extremely dedicated to creating a demanding, but nurturing and safe environment for students, that supports inward focus and exploration of the body, mind, and spirit. Lauren wants you leaving class feeling more aware and mentally and physically stronger!

joanna ford.jpg

JoAnna Ford

My yoga journey began at Open Doors when I was in my early 20s, and while on the West Coast for most of my 30s this journey deepened into more than just a physical practice. As my practice grew, I grew. I connected within and discovered my true self on and off the mat. For many years I had wanted to become a teacher, and once returning to the East Coast I fulfilled this ambition. I completed my 200hr teacher training though Open Doors and Yin Certification with Shawn Cornelison. I want to share yoga with anyone who is willing to look deep inside and find their strength. I will always offer a comfortable and safe space that inspires others to be kind and find love within. Even if it is only for an hour class, you can unplug, quiet your mind, find peace and feel joy.

Kim Howard

Kim Howard

Kim left a career in corporate HR and Law to focus on bringing more balance into her own life. After practicing yoga regularly for over 5 years, Kim took a leap to the other side of the mat to better align her livelihood with her passion for teaching, fitness and mindfulness. She first turned to yoga to recover and stay in shape when an injury derailed her running, and in addition to the changes in her body, she was hooked on the mental and spiritual shift in her life. In addition to running and yoga, Kim is an avid hiker and loves the great outdoors. She completed her 200 CYT through Open Doors Yoga Studios and her 500 CYT with Sacred Seeds Yoga School. She holds additional certifications in Kids Yoga and Clinically Informed Restorative Yoga (CLIR) and is a Level I Balanced Athlete Coach. She also teaches graduate school and still does some consulting. Kim lives in Hanover with her son Dylan and their rescue pup Susana.


jennifer juenemann.jpg

Jennifer Juenemann

Jennifer Juenemann RYT-200, B.A. Sociology/ Eastern Religious Studies 2001- University of Colorado, Boulder
Jennifer’s yoga journey began 17 years ago in Boulder, Colorado with an intense and intimate yoga and meditation practice. It is in this time that she fell in love with the philosophies of the East and began a journey of self-discovery that spanned continents and also brought her inward to deeper realms of being. After traveling overseas and living and practicing yoga in Australia, New Zealand and Spain she returned to her New England roots and found the path to Yoga Teacher through an intensive 8-month training at Open Doors Studio in 2016. She is currently working to complete her RYT-500 at Down Under School of Yoga in Boston. Jennifer has also attained the First Degree in Reiki through the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage of natural healing. Jennifer aims to effectively hold space for students while guiding them toward a deeper relationship with themselves so that they many uncover the true teacher and the innate healing potential within. Jennifer’s classes focus on breath, alignment, fluidity, and subtle energetics to move the body with strength and integrity toward the ultimate goal of a stillness and peace.


amanda kimble

Amanda Kimble

Amanda has been a student at Open Doors for many years; she fell in love with the studio and its community, making it a part of her semi-annual visits from Los Angeles to Duxbury. Now a Boston resident, she is excited to be teaching in her yoga home away from home. Amanda mixes her passion for music with her deep affection for yoga to bring you fun and challenging classes. She invites and encourages all individuals to explore their unique yoga journey, and creates uplifting, non-intimidating environments for everyone to enjoy community. Amanda loves to crank the tunes, laugh with you, and turn up the volume on your practice!

Sarah Little

Sara Little

Sara's desire for balance and harmony lead her to the practice of yoga over 12 years ago.  Her calm and tranquil demeanor provides a complimentary backdrop as she holds healing space in class for you to explore.  VINIYOGA best describes Sara's method of teaching.  This approach to yoga asanas places an emphasis in function over form, the breath as the medium for movement and the use of repetition into and out of the postures.  This highly intelligent style of yoga has powerful transformative effects.  Sara's practice has allowed her to better her craft of haircutting as well as living more intentionally with the seasons and cycles of mother earth.  Spending time in nature with her rescue dog, Mac, is her greatest joy.  


Jessica Long

Jessica Long

Jessica has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. During that time she became inspired by Yoga’s physical and psychological benefits. She decided to become a teacher in order to share this with others and to delve deeper into her own practice. Jessica received her 200-hour teacher training at Open Doors in 2015. Her classes, with upbeat exotic playlists combine traditional Vinyasa/power style with strength building and toning movements to create a completely unique yoga experience.


Michelle Marini

Michelle Marini O'Brien

Hi Michelle here! I earned my Sculpt certification from Core Power in Colorado. My background is in athletics: triathlon racing, powerlifting, snowboarding, wakeboarding and more- I love being active and trying new sports! My class offers a challenging and empowering environment. Yoga integrated with awesome music and light weights will sculpt and tone the body. Come sweat with me- let’s have some fun!

courtney markham 1

Courtney Markham

Courtney has been practicing yoga for almost 10 years. During that time she became fascinated by the soul, mind, and body benefits. Yoga has influenced her growth and eventually landed her intrigue to earn her 200-hour teacher training, through Open Doors. Her classes cast a balance of vinyasa /power strength poses. She marries the balance of the breath to movement with her eclectic playlists by challenging students to go within.

amy mcandrew.jpg

Amy McAndrew

My yoga journey began over 20 years ago at Open Doors in Braintree. I would have to say my practice became even more consistent in 2009 when I became a certified ACE Personal Trainer and owner of Inside Out Fitness. The physical aspect of my practice is what I found alluring which always brought me back to my mat. I was impressed with the beautiful poses, inversions and arm balances. Yet being present, mindful and calm is what fascinated and challenged me the most.
This started to shift my passion for fitness into a love and appreciation of the entire wellness of body, mind and soul. I realized without the connection of mental stillness, body awareness and proper alignment my yoga practice would never evolve and grow. This new perception led me to a new chapter of my journey into the Open Doors teacher training program in 2019. I feel my background and knowledge as a wellness coach and body trainer allows me to help students access, connect and challenge their “true” strength physically and mentally. By learning how to feel each movement rather than “going through the motion” one’s practice can transcend the mat in many gratifying ways.

Kari McCafferty

Kari McCafferty

Kari's passion for Yoga and Power Yoga began about 10 years ago. She has always been an avid gym goer but found herself burning out of the constant grind of going to the gym and just ‘working out’.  That's when she found yoga. Her practice and knowledge of yoga has completely transformed her life.  She manages life's challenges through yoga and finds her way to the mat to quiet her brain, build strength and 'sweat it out'! Kari spent 15 years in Corporate HR and decided to leave that world to pursue her passion for fitness and yoga. She made the decision to move into a new phase of her life doing what she loved and sharing that passion with others. Kari completed her 200 hours YTT training at Open Doors Yoga Studio.  She also became a certified spin instructor after being a student on the bike for 15 years. She wants to help motivate others to find activities in their lives that excite them about feeling strong and healthy in their lives, while having fun and laughing along the way. Kari lives in Hanover with her husband and two boys Tyler and Ryan and their shy, but loving, dog Bentley. Please meet Kari on the mat to have some fun, sweat and build strength in your body and mind. 

Annie McKnight

Annie McKnight

I began yoga as a way of incorporating new movement into my life after sustaining an injury due to muscular imbalance. I was nervous to try out something new, but I was instantly comforted by the welcoming and grounding nature of yoga. As my journey with yoga progressed, I began to learn that building strength can be restorative and that by turning inward I was able to find balance, both physically and mentally. My goal as a yoga teacher is to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for students to connect with their balance and inner strength. I believe that yoga teaches us to move with compassion and respect for ourselves so that we can move through the world with compassion and respect for others. In my classes I look forward to helping students cultivate this self-compassion in their own yoga practice through mindful movement.

Kayla Methot

Kayla Methot (Sub)

Yoga first came into Kayla‘s life as part of a course while attaining her minor degree in holistic health during nursing school. After achieving her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Kayla moved from Maine to the Boston area to further pursue her nursing career as a labor and delivery nurse. Kayla practiced yoga intermittently after college. However, after working as a nurse through the pandemic, being hospitalized herself and diagnosed with lupus, Kayla found spiritual growth and healing by bringing yoga back into her life regularly. Experiencing what yoga did for her own life and health, she knew wanted to help others see the light it could bring into their lives. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Open Doors in 2021. For Kayla, yoga is not just about the workout, it’s about the work in and connecting with our own bodies ability to not only heal but thrive. 

Sarah Moran

Sarah Moran (Sub)

I began my yoga journey before I was even conscious of it. I was drawn to running group exercises for seniors and in time I noticed that at an older age, any movement is good movement. I learned to not take my body for granted. The body is something that needs to be taken care of to last and in a fast world it’s so easy to lose sight of that. Then I found yoga and realized the true connection of mind, body and soul. I set out on my yoga journey and along the way I became the person I didn’t even know I wanted to be. Finding beautiful connections and movements that truly nourished my soul. I’m grateful every day for my body. I love strong, powerful slow flows and I like to have fun with my classes. 

Matt Mullen, Yoga Teacher, Boston's Best Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapist

Matt Mullen (Instructor & Co-Owner of Weymouth, Duxbury, Norwell Studios)

I am first and foremost a humble healer, a Massage Therapist trained in many modalities, from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Sports Massage and a Yoga Instructor since 2008. I have been blessed to be a Massage Therapist for over 20 years. In those twenty years I have been honored to work on thousands of clients, priding myself in creating a sanctuary for real and lasting healing to occur. Being a Massage Therapist led me to the study of Yoga. I became a Yoga instructor in 2008 having completed a 200 hour teacher training with Richard Lanza and the amazing teachers at Open Doors Yoga Studios. I have since studied with Shiva Rea in Trance Dance Yoga, Cameron Shayne in Budokon a fusion of Yoga and Martial Arts and Don and Amba Stapelton from The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. My interest in yoga began as a teenager reading anything I could get on eastern philosophy.  What resonates with me and my love of yoga is that yoga is a question, an inquiry,......Who Am I.

Jayne Piacentini

Jayne Piacentini

I was introduced to yoga by a friend when I was struggling to discover my true self. Yoga anchored me and helped me to discover who and what I wanted to be. I am an advocate for mental health awareness and I enjoy incorporating yoga into my work as a mental health professional. I completed my 200 hour YTT during the pandemic, which was a great experience during an uncertain time. My hope for you when you come to one of my classes is to get a workout in, both physically and mentally.

Michelle Pierce.jpg

Michelle Pierce

Michelle began practicing yoga in her adolescence and completed her 200 hour YTT at Open Doors in 2019. A Licensed Mental Health Clinician (LMHC), Michelle values creating a trauma-informed, inclusive space that welcomes those from all backgrounds, body types, and experience levels. Her calming, meditative practice guides students toward finding tranquility. Michelle lives and works in Boston. She loves hiking, music, art, and animals of all kinds.

lyn pompeo.png

Lyn Pompeo 

Lyn Pompeo (E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga since 2006.  Over the years she has taught vinyasa style yoga to a diverse population and is a big believer that the practice is ultimately a personal journey.  You can expect a strong, slow class from Lyn focused on moving functionally and with purpose and intention.   Since completing her 200-hour training at Open Doors she has studied with many teachers throughout the New England area.  She completed a 300-hour training with yoga and mindfulness educator Stacy Dockins of the Yoga Project and is excited to continue to study both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.  Lyn has been a core teacher in Open Doors 200-hour teacher trainings programs since 2018 and is passionate about helping students find their authentic self as a teacher.

Rhadika Priya Sakhi.jpg

Radhika Priya Sakhi 

Hi, my name is Radhika.  Since you’re reading this, I’m going to guess we already have a lot in common, specifically, the practice of yoga.  My own formal training comes from Open Doors, where I completed both my 200 and 300-hr certifications with wonderful, supportive teachers.  I offer support and guidance in several styles of yoga, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Restorative, Gentle, Hatha and one-on-one rehabilitative sessions.  I hold weekly corporate classes and also serve on the faculty of the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training here at Open Doors.  Enough about me, though.  I’m more interested in you.  Maybe we can practice together?  Hope to see you soon!


Mary Beth Samborski

Mary Beth Samborski

Mary Beth was introduced to yoga in 2003 and immediately fell in love with the strength, balance, and sense of calm the practice provided. Having a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master’s degree in health science, she has long been interested in the mind-body connection. She has worked as a physician assistant since 2006, during which time she has been acutely aware of the lack of widespread preventative wellness practices in western medicine.  After a long personal yoga practice, in 2020 she began her yoga teacher training with Kidding Around Yoga children’s yoga teacher training. This enables her to create high energy kids classes with engaging music and games, ending in guided peaceful meditations. In 2020, she also took her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Yoga and Ayurveda Center and then her 300 hour yoga teacher training through Yoga and Ayurveda Center beginning in 2021. She seeks to help students create lasting health improvements by starting with small, manageable habits. Her classes vary in pace and intensity to match the needs of her students. They are designed to inspire deeper unity within the mind-body-soul, empowering students to reconnect with themselves and their purpose.  


Jessica Reilly.jpg

Jessica Reilly 

My journey with yoga began many years ago, the calmness I felt after my first class kept bringing me back for more. I developed a wonderful connection between my mind and body and enjoyed the positivity, relaxation and strength I found as my yoga practice grew. I teach a variety of different style yoga classes. I like to focus on strength as well as breath, relaxation and stretching. I completed a 200hr yoga teacher training through Open Doors as well as an additional training in power yoga. My goal as a teacher is to create a welcoming environment for all, where students can explore who they are as a yogi and embrace their best self on and off the mat.


Liz Roach 1

Liz Roach

You’ve heard it before: “yoga changed my life.” It’s a cliche because it’s true, and it’s my truth. During my transition to single motherhood, I went to my mat Every. Single. Day. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I ended up finding myself. When you find this kind of peace and acceptance, it’s only fair to pass it on. I completed my 200hr YTT through Open Doors in 2021 with the intention that it’s just the beginning of a lifelong journey in yoga. I aim to create a safe space in my classes for students to embrace the freedom of their personal practice. I teach with energy and contemporary music. I will challenge you to lean into your postures and learn about yourself.

Rhiannon Skolnick

Rhiannon Skolnick

Rhiannon believes that practicing yoga has the power to create meaningful connection and a life you love. Introduced to yoga in her formative years, Rhiannon credits her deeply spiritual practice to her mother Karen, a Kripalu certified yogi who lovingly shares her practice both on and off the mat. Rhiannon embraces diversity and believes that yoga is for everybody. Her breath centered practice combines physical demonstration, verbal instruction, variations and modifications to create challenging yet accessible classes that support and sustain the mind/body/breath connection. Rhiannon encourages you to breathe, move and explore with intention in your practice and in your lives. But mostly, she wants you to Be Good to You. XO

kelly sott.jpg

Kelly Sott

I was introduced to yoga about 12 years ago and immediately fell in love.  Although my practice began more as a means to exercise, with study, I have realized how much deeper yoga has the ability to reach beyond the physical body. Originally from Philadelphia and having lived all over the country and abroad, I relocated to Massachusetts last year and am so excited to be part of the South Shore yoga community. I received my 200 hour certification through Open Doors and am registered with Yoga Alliance.  Currently I am working on my RCYT 95 hour to teach children and teen’s yoga with a trauma-informed focus.  I am also certified in Gravity Yoga and Thai Massage Level 1, and am a certified breath coach.  I will be earning my certifications in Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Sculpt, Yin, and Restorative Yoga by November 2021.  I am a forever student- constantly striving to learn and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, both personally and as a teacher, and hope to be able to share my knowledge, growth, and love of yoga with all of you.  My classes focus on the mind, body, and breath connection in an upbeat, welcoming environment. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Jess Thompson Yoga Instructor

Jess Thompson

My yoga and meditation practice began when I was seventeen years old. At that time, I was in high school, clinically depressed, and was put into yoga as an elective class. Although initially hesitant, I soon fell in love with the movement and breath and began to regularly take hot yoga classes at the local studio in town. The feeling I experienced afterward was the closest I’ve ever been to peace, and I kept returning to the mat over and over again. I began to feel love and compassion for myself and found a community of people I felt understood me. ⁣⁣⁣In 2018, I graduated from the Yoga Spirit 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching others about the practice that transformed my life.⁣⁣⁣ Since obtaining my certification, I have lead yoga classes with up to 100 students at a time, created a network of private clients, lead team bonding professional corporate classes, high school students, sports teams and runners clubs, yoga addiction recovery, therapeutic mentoring from the ages of 5-18, and raised $2800 for The LoveLand Foundation through donation-based yoga thanks to the generosity of my community. My teaching style allows students to unfold limitations in both their body and mind while providing a space for them to feel a sense of peace within. I weave thought provoking meditations and mindful breathwork throughout my classes, applying ancient wisdom to our western world in a useful and understandable way. My hope is that you will leave your mat finding peace, empowerment, and self-acceptance through yoga, just as I have.

Venice Touze

Venice Touze

Venice believes yoga is a powerful tool that all should have. Yoga has helped her become a strong runner, a balanced CPA and overall a more positive person. Her yoga class is a mix between strength and flexibility, offered in a vinyasa style flow. Her approach is gentle yet powerful making her yoga classes accessible to all. Expect to move, sweat & breathe.


Susan Treiichel.JPG

Susan Treichel

Physical, mental and spiritual well being... How do we find a space where we can grow and cultivate our best selves in these areas?   How do we even know we need to nurture ourselves in these areas? I stumbled on physical exercise for the first time in college after signing up for a modern dance class.  I fell in love with dance, all things ‘exercise’ and music.  The impact physical exercise has on mental well being was eye opening to me at that time.  I was introduced to Yoga in 2009, and once again was amazed that such a thing exists.  A practice that combines physical, mental and spiritual well being: I have been practicing Yoga ever since. In 2019, I earned my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate.  I welcome all students to join me in classes that cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual strength.   My classes will challenge you with postures and flows that build strength, concentration, balance and flexibility.  

Nancy Wiley

Nancy Wiley 

I have always pursued all sorts of athletic activities. As a child I was on the gymnastics and tennis teams in school. I have been a competitive long-distance runner for the past 12 years, love to hike, bike, ski, surf, do Pilates, play team tennis, and I'm a passionate YOGI! I was drawn to yoga for two main reasons: the lengthening and strengthening as a complement to  running, and because of the spiritual component of yoga. My favorite reading material is yoga-related and many of my friends are also yogis. It's really a lifestyle choice, and it brings much peace and compassion into my life.  Namaste.

Anne Winter, Open Doors Yoga Teachers, Boston Ballet, Yoga and Ballet Coach, South Shore's Best Yoga Teachers

Laurie Zupkofska  

Laurie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher program with Mukti Yoga School and is also a certified personal trainer.  Laurie’s knowledge has helped enhance the well-being of her students by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. She is continually learning about all aspects of body and mind to help others to commit to a healthier lifestyle and fuel their passion to achieve their fitness and health goals no matter how big or small.  She will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular yoga classes and the integration of guided yoga programs, to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.