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Harness the support of an experienced mentor & coach to elevate your yoga.
Meet Shawn

I know what it is like to be in pain on the emotional and the physical level.  I also know that is possible to be out of pain and to move, breath and feel better.  What attracted me to yoga was how it initially made me feel.  Like many people, I thought if some yoga was good then a lot of yoga must be really good.  I thought I would get better by pushing and ignoring what my body was trying to tell me.  Each time my wrist hurt during practice, or my back was sore after class, I would ignore it.  My body whispered until it screamed. 

This principle of ignoring our body is not unique to yoga.  Many people push through the daily pain their life is causing them.  These pains are not simply a part of the aging process or something we have to endure.  There is another way. 
If you are in pain and have been told that you simply must live with it, or if you are wanting to move better and have more vitality, I may be able to support you finding more ease in your movements and bringing less pain and more energy to your body. 

I do this through a combination of postures, breath, meditation, therapeutic movements, along with all of the other tools yoga offers.  Sessions are one hour long and are individually structured based on your abilities and awareness. They cost $75.00 for each session and I see clients in the Braintree location only.

I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years.  I have been teaching teachers yoga for almost as long, and  I teach throughout the country and the world.  Next year, I will be finishing my yoga therapy certification from one of the most rigorous programs in the world. I am available to see clients in person or through Skype depending on my schedule. You can contact me at 617-610-8683 or




Do you feel like your teaching could use a little boost? Are you not happy with the progress your students are making?  Are your students asking you questions about their bodies that you are struggling to answer?  Shawn is available to help fine tune the way you are cuing to get the best results for your students. Have you ever wondered why after years of practice your student’s hips are not more open? Their shoulders are not any more mobile?  You can learn ways to cue the body so that you get the results you are wanting and your students get to progress in ways that don’t create tension or pain in their bodies. 

Mentoring can include:

  • One on one training with Shawn to review cueing, adjusting, or class sequencing.

  • Observation of your class to see the effects the cues you are using are having on your students.

  • Private yoga therapy session with Shawn to uncover causes of pain or tension in your own body.

  • An individualized training program to ease pain and tension in your body.

  • Breath-work training and how to bring better understanding of breath to your students.

  • The use of mantra and mudra in group classroom settings.

The mentoring can be in person or through Skype, depending on your schedule. 



Have you been thinking about becoming a teacher or continuing on with your 300 hour teacher training, but do not have the time for a conventional program? Shawn may be able to help. He is offering a limited number of slots for private one on one teacher trainings. These trainings would meet all of the requirements of Yoga Alliance and your certificates would be through Open Doors. This would be an opportunity to create the kind of program that would suit your needs best. Maybe you don’t want to teach Vinyasa style yoga classes, but would rather concentrate on restorative, Yin and Hatha.  Together with Shawn, you can tailor a program that fits your needs and your schedule. 

Perhaps you have thought of pursuing your 300 hour program, but you would like more emphasis on sequencing, advanced asana, or would like a different focus than what is being currently offered. We can tailor a program that fits your needs and your schedule.

In this unique setting with one on one individual attention, you are able to get the most out of your time with Shawn.  The program will consist of on line content, reading, one on one lessons with Shawn, Skype sessions, and depending on your requests, may include lessons with other instructors. 

If this sounds interesting, then Shawn would love to talk more about your future and see how together you can create a program that satisfies your need to grow and creates the space for you to be the best version of yourself. Contact Shawn.



PRIVATE 300HR TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM: Contact Shawn for more information.

Jessica White-Cason, Open Doors Yoga Studios Private Teacher Training Review, Shawn Cornelison

Jessica White-Cason, Private Client

When I arrived at my first session with Shawn, I was looking for relief from years of knee issues, ranging from pain to frequent injury. The work we did that day focused primarily on my hips, working with small movements to improve the relationship between my legs and pelvis. I have to admit, I was a little confused that we didn't any work with my knees specifically, but I continued to see Shawn and do the work he sent me home with. It took virtually no time at all - especially when compared to the time I spent with discomfort and pain - for my knee issues to begin to resolve. I also noticed some other unexpected side effects. I see my chiropractor less, because I'm holding my adjustments better. My low back issues have become less of an issue. My gait is noticeably different. My yoga game has seriously improved and there's strength and muscle definition in my legs that years of weightlifting never achieved. Most importantly, pain is less and life is better. Shawn expertly guides you to explore the limitations of both the body and the ego, providing space for vulnerability. He helps you find the miracles your body so wants to preform. 

Colleen Boyd, Private Yoga Client of Shawn Cornelison, Private Yoga Mentor, Teacher Trainngs, Open Doors Yoga Studios

Colleen Boyd, Private Client

Shawn has taugh me the importance of subtleness.....what it means to tune in to my body, what it means to listen to my body. My experiences with Shawn have given me the ability to not only listen, but to understand that subtleness is highly effective in shifting things in the body so that I experience less pain, more range of movement, more awareness about my own body so I can take responsibility for it in a way that I never have. 

Lorelei Alvarez, Yoga Therapy Client, Shawn Cornelison, Private Teacher Training Review, Open Doors Yoga Studios

Lorelei Alvarez, Yoga Therapy Client

Shawn has been working with me as my yoga therapist for almost two years. I first started doing yoga therapy because I was dealing with chronic pain in my low back and shoulders after years of sports and running. Although I had been practicing yoga for years, my practice wasn’t something that had helped me in any way to relieve pain. It was more a core/power exercise than a functional or mindful movement practice. Shawn started working with me with very small movements that I at first found frustrating, but soon understood the value when I was able to start moving in ways that were previously not accessible and immediately felt a decrease in pain. For example, my low back was in constant pain, and the range of motion of my pelvis was extremely small. Forward folds were difficult and painful. Shawn had me do very small pelvic tilts lying on my back with a rolled blanket under my low back. After just a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge difference in my range of motion, and my pain wasn’t as constant. We continued with sessions monthly, and each time Shawn would give me other small movements, exercises, and relaxation techniques to increase my range of motion in my pelvis and shoulders and help with pain. Over time with the movements and techniques he gave me, I no longer lived with chronic pain, and my body became so much more free.

At first, I approached the therapy from a strictly physical perspective. I just wanted to be out of pain. As Shawn worked with me through movement, stillness, and breath, I began to realize that yoga therapy is not just about the physical practice. As my body began to find freedom of movement that I hadn’t experienced for many years, I also became aware of how much of what I experienced in my body was related to things about my personality. I tended to be very type-A personality, filling every moment with business, and very controlling in life and with those around me. Shawn’s gift as a yoga therapist goes way beyond just the physical aspects. Through his gentle guidance and acceptance, he gives you space to question why you feel the way you do and to begin to explore freedom not just of movement, but also in all other aspects of life.

Although I’ve been free from chronic pain for over a year, I continue therapy session with Shawn. The focus of the sessions has shifted, though, as my body, mind, and spirit have become more free and open. Now we work on much more subtle things, such as learning how to feel subtle movement and sensation, gentle strengthening, and isolating specific movement. The work continues in other ways too as I learn to relax, breathe, be present and let go of a lot of things that were not serving me, but contributing to anxiety, tension, and pain. I can honestly say that Shawn’s therapy has changed my life and I am extremely grateful.

Lory Newmyer, Open Doors 300 hr Teacher Training Graduate, Review of program

Lory Newmyer, 300-hr Therapeutic Essentials Teacher Training Graduate

The Open Doors 300-hour yoga training is a life-changing experience. The year-long program is demanding, but its rewards are extraordinary, both in terms of personal growth and development of teaching skills.

The program is taught by the two master teachers who designed it, Shawn Cornelison and Shelly Dell. Their brilliant and generous guidance of the classes is extraordinary. Students are supported, as a group and individually, through powerful reading and writing assignments, and throughout each monthly, weekend-long gathering. The process develops a strong sense of belonging to a committed learning community, which is a deeply rewarding and meaningful aspect of the program.


Shawn Cornelison


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