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Heather Allen 

Growing up Heather was always interested in trying new athletic challenges, from softball to gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and track. By the time she graduated college however, exercise was merely a means to stay fit. She first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2005 and started her teacher training the following year though Finding Inner Peace and Healing Tree Yoga in Quincy where she completed her 200 hour certification. Yoga has brought her peace and strength as well as an amazing appreciation of movement and motion. Each breath, each pose, each stretch is such gift! Heather's classes strive to be creative, flowing, and challenging while still honoring one's own body.

Alicia Anderson

Instructor, and former owner/founder of Latti Datti Pilstes, Alicia Andreson,  received her Mat Pilates, Standing Pilates,  and Apparatus Pilates certification through Physical Mind Institute.   Prior to receiving her Pilates certification, Alicia practiced yoga 3 times a week for a year with popular yoga instructor,  Victoria Hauffer.  Alicia was certified as a Personal Trainer through ACSM and incorporated her love of yoga into her personal training approach with her clients.   Alicia's search for the perfect combination of balance,  strength,  and flexibility ultimately lead her to the discovery of Pilates.  


Gail Belaief  

I began my yoga practice while attending college in Boston years ago, earning my 200 hour teacher training in 2005; with additional certifications in Yin Yoga, Thai Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki healing. I teach with compassion and strength, welcoming students of all levels and abilities. My mission is to spread wellness and peace while building a yoga community. I continue to be a student of yoga, inspired by many local teachers and masters. I am also a pediatric occupational therapist working within the school system.

Bridget Byrne

Bridget fell in love with the practice of Yoga during her freshmen year at Dean College, where she received her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts in 2009. Bridget was continually drawn to her mat to relieve the stress of college life. She fulfilled her BS in Biology and Sociology from Suffolk University in 2012. Bridget then completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 at Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, MA. She is certified in Yin Yoga, having trained with Chip Hartranft, PT, author and founder of The Arlington Center. She also received her Level 2 Reiki certification through Reiki Master and Teacher, Jodi Rehm, CLMT, of Transform Holistic. While living in New Hampshire, Bridget developed a strong practice in Vinyasa from her time teaching at 3 Bridges Yoga in Portsmouth, NH. She also had the opportunity to train with Erin Ehlers of Yoga on the Hill in Kittery, ME and is now certified in Restorative Yoga. She loves to offer up a blissful restorative pose to her students as they end their practice for a very peaceful Savasana. During the summer months, Bridget has had the pleasure of teaching at various music festivals in the New England area. She is passionate about sharing her unique gifts in science and anatomy, spirituality, energy work, and her overall love for yoga with others. Off the mat, she enjoys hula hooping, connecting to the world via social media, and spending time with nature.


Meg Garfield (Plymouth Studio Franchise Owner)

Meg loves coming to her mat! Setting aside this special time to practice has helped her trust her intuition, be less reactive, let go of “stuff” and simply enjoy life. Through breath and postures, you will experience a feeling of balance, tranquility, and kindness. You will improve your physical strength, release toxins, increase your energy and live with better health every day! Finding Yoga in 2009 and then completing her 200 hour certification with Richard Lanza and Open Doors Yoga Studio's; Meg is excited to guide you through a fun, energetic class that will help students tap into their inner strength, peace, and kindness! Sharing the Yogi In You in a community of like minded people is absolutely nourishing to the soul. Give yourself a gift by coming to your mat!


Alyson Gluecksmann 

Alyson believes yoga keeps your body strong, your heart soft, and your mind open. Since having a son, Alyson has found no better way to stay healthy and fit. With more than ten years experience on the mat, yoga has taught her how to have more patience and be more present day to day. Alyson hopes her clients enjoy the benefits of a strong physical practice and discover all the deeper qualities yoga has to offer. Alyson completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Inner Strength Studios in Watertown, MA. She is also a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. She holds a B.S. in communication from Boston University and an M.S. in Health Promotion Management from American University.


Lauren Miller Jones

Yoga has played a major role in Lauren's life, for over 15 years. Taking her first Hatha class at 13, yoga has always been a constant source of release and finding her way back to center. Realizing that she was able to pass this on to others, Lauren completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2014 through Yoga Alliance with Jill Abraham. Helping others heal through yoga and the yogic teachings is something that is very close to Lauren's heart and something she hopes to inspire within others, on and off the mat. Lauren was born and raised on Cape Cod and has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Studies from Western New England University.


Jean Mixer  

Since coming to her mat in 2008, Jean has learned how yoga can transform a person on so many levels.  With many hours of classes and Open Doors Teacher Training, she can easily relate to students of all abilities, keeping class achievable and challenging for all.  Her adaptable style in the teachers spot assures that everyone gets the most from their Open Doors experience, whether its a rigorous flowing vinyasa or a more gentle approach.  With a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and three daughters, she has a great outlook and attitude and comes to her mat with humor and compassion.


Kelley Pearce

I was initially drawn to Yoga twelve years ago for its physical benefits and soon realized that keeping a regular practice allowed me to better manage stress and anxiety. I am also an artist and have found a direct correlation between the creative process and Yoga practice. Both enable me to dig a bit deeper into mindful meditation in motion. My Yoga practice serves as a vehicle for deep self-exploration as it provides opportunity for going inward and generating space for quiet reflection, creative play, freedom of self-expression, and healing. In 2013 I decided to further my understanding of Yoga as a lifestyle and enrolled in Power Yoga of Cape Cod’s 200 hour YTT. I quickly fell in love with teaching for the ways it took me out of my comfort zone and helped me to find a more confident voice! As an instructor my goal is to hold a safe space for my students, to see what opens up in their lives when they find the courage to explore what is possible in their Yoga practice. I love to provide my students with the tools they need to feel grounded, empowered, and energized!


Ian Pullen 

After taking his first yoga class, Ian knew he had found what he was looking for. Wanting to further his knowledge and understanding of this practice he decided that a teacher training program was the way to go. Ian completed his training through Inner Strength Yoga Studios in Watertown MA. ( RYT 200 ) Ian's classes are compassionate yet demanding, with an emphasis on leading his students into their bodies to discover the power of the present moment.


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