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Laurie Barron 

I've been a fitness instructor for 21 years and owned Fit For All in Holbrook from 1988-1998. My passion for fitness and desire to help others reach their goals continued after I sadly had to close my gym. But, like the saying goes, "When one door closes, another one opens." My life has been blessed with many wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to do what I love - teach! In 2003, I became a certified yoga teacher through Finding Inner Peace, which led me to Open Doors. I've learned so much from the many different teachers here and I'm so happy to be working with them. I'm especially grateful to Cat, who has inspired me to look within myself and be fearless! I hope to share the joy that yoga has given me with my students. Visit my website:


Beverly Bielewicz

It took me sixteen years of dreaming, and four years of planning, to become a yoga instructor.

My classes are open-hearted, friendly, and accessible to all; my teaching style mirrors my personality. I love creating community through yoga. My inclusive style of instruction invites students to explore movement and breath with safe physical alignment and energetic awareness, allowing participants to discover their own peace, power, and presence. I believe that the practice of yoga teaches us skills to become compassionate citizens of the world.

RYT500 Sacred Seeds Yoga, Jacqui Bonwell, 2017

RYT200, Open Doors Power Yoga, 2015

Certifications: Yin Yoga, SPA Yoga, Balanced Athlete Level 1, Reiki I

Additional training hours in teaching yoga to beginners.

Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga Certification, anticipated June 2018.

Cindy Bowser (Also Hingham & Weymouth Studios)

Cindy Bowser began her yoga journey at Open Doors in 2011. I believe in the spiritual, mental and physical life changing effects that a regular yoga practice can make. Yoga has had such an impact on my life that the next natural step was to enroll in Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training. I enjoy teaching a fun and physically challenging class that connects breath with movement, still allowing the mind to become calm. I look forward to helping my students gain the positive benefits that I continue to receive from yoga and Open Doors. Namaste!


Nancy Boyle

I have been practicing yoga for many years. I  have found the benefits of yoga practice have helped keep me healthy, centered and grounded through the changes and challenges and joys and triumphs that life has presented.  I believe in the transformational power of yoga in bringing health and well-being to individuals of all ages. Encouraging awareness of breath and its influence on the health of mind, body and spirit,   I teach from the heart, offering a challenging practice in a nurturing style.  Certifications include:  Children Yoga Certification with Kim Taylor through Open Doors 2012; 200 Hr Certification Open Doors Power Yoga 2013; Yin Yoga Certification  with Sean Cornelison through Open Doors 2014; 500 Hr Kripalu Yoga Teach Certification 2018. My mission is to serve others by guiding the way to health and well being for individuals at any age.  “ Serve with a full heart.  By making others happy, you make yourself happy.  The key to your heart lies hidden in the heart of another.” – Swami Kripalu


Margot Brodie 

Yoga has been a life changing experience for me. After years of searching for things to make me happy, I started taking yoga, and finally began to understand that I only had to search within to find happiness. I enrolled in the Open Doors Teacher Training program to further my understanding of yoga, and how the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga brings personal growth. The experience has shown me that teaching makes me happy and brings me joy. Helping others find the peace and calm that yoga creates is what I hope to share with those who attend my classes.


Andrea Chase (also Hingham & Norwell Studios)

Andrea was fortunate to discover yoga in 1991 as a young woman living in Santa Barbara, CA. Certified in 2006 through the 200 hour, nationally registered Finding Inner Peace school in  Weymouth and as a Reiki 1 Practitioner through the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage in 2017, Andrea has been a dedicated student of Anusara, Asthanga and Hatha yoga and continues to study with renowned yoga masters during her travels to California and Colorado, Having studied  meditation and yoga in California with  both John Friend and  Eric Shiffmann, she hopes to inspire friends and students to stay on the path of yoga through her creative, playful and compassionate sequencing  as she works with and welcomes all to her classes. Striving to promote a development of inner and outer strength, contentment and joy, she also believes that the practice helps us to rise about the challenges of our modern day competitive and sometimes stressful culture while coming back to the heart and empathy for one another. Her classes include a clear foundation in anatomy, proper alignment to prevent injury,  nurturing hands on adjustments and playful, thoughtful, sequencing she understands that  yoga is a road to reduction in injuries, illness, and anxiety. A passionate tennis player, runner, skiier and truly kind friend, Andrea welcomes you to her classes and hopes to share her love of yoga to those she meets on their mats. 


Cassidy Conway

Dogs, family, books, travel, food, friends, sea glass, and yoga. Joy comes in many forms. My hope is to share my life and yoga experience in challenging, yet restorative classes. Yoga, like so many other things, has brought more meaning into my life. Not only does it provide physical challenge, but also a way to center myself, mediate stress, and explore new possibilities. As a middle school science teacher, I also enjoy considering the scientific role yoga can play in calming our fast-paced society. Set your stress aside (or bring it!) and meet a new challenge, a new perspective, and a new life with yoga. Peace 


Shelly Dell (300 Hour Teacher Training Core Instructor)

I am grateful to be a part of a four-generation family of yoga enthusiasts. My intro into the yoga world was a Bikram class with my grandmother when I was in middle school. Back then there was no heat in class. Classes were comprised of people of all ages. Humor and playfulness were in every class. Later I enjoyed yoga with my mother and my grandmother at a local all-women’s health club. It was an anything goes kind of experience. In college, there was a social component to the classes, a great place to meet up with friends. In my 20s and 30s it supported me to enjoy two healthy, and natural childbirths. It was then that I turned what I enjoyed, what made me feel good inside and out, into a business. With children in tow, I taught yoga and expressive movement in schools. Yoga was also the perfect compliment to my psychotherapy practice then and today. I am grateful to the practice and the many gifts it has given to my marriage and to my relationship with my children. I believe that families who play together stay together. Yoga has given us that and more.


Kerry Donnelly (Also Hingham Studio)

Kerry Donnelly began her yoga journey at the Yoga For Athletes Studio in Vail in the year 2001. She lived in Vail, Colorado for 10 years where she worked at the Lionshead Childrens’ Ski School and various restaurants. Kerry moved to Yardley, PA with her husband and son in September 2004 where she obtained her certification in Power Flow Yoga. She did her Pilates training with Sandy Erickson and received her Prenatal certification in March 2007. Kerry began teaching at the Center Club in Newtown,PA and Lambertville,NJ in December 2004. She became the Yoga Director of both Center Clubs in August 2005 as well as the Pilates Director in December 2005. Kerry teaches a vinyasa style power yoga and is an experienced yogalates and yogasculpt teacher. Kerry has studied with such yoga masters as Rolf Gates, Sean Corne, John Friend, Jason Crandell, Stephanie Pappas, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, Manju Jois, and Ana Forrest. She attends workshops, conferences and many yoga intensives throughout the year always staying on top of new and exciting forms of practice while perfecting existing ones. Visit her website:


Tami Duggan

For me, yoga strengthens my body and calms my mind. Yoga gives back. When the breath and body are moving as one and the mind is on pause, that is my yoga. I take from my mat what serves me and try to leave what does not. I enrolled in Open Doors 200 hr YTT to learn more about the practice, and now as a teacher, I want to give back what I have received. Acceptance, gratitude and peace in my mind and in my heart. Off my mat, I have worked 30+ years in Radiation Oncology, a profession that has taught me above all else, to live in the moment. It has also taught me the power of the mind as it relates to overall wellness, and the healing benefits, mind and body, of a yoga practice. My passions are cultivating strong bonds with the people I adore and love, landscaping, hiking and walking the woods with my dogs, growing my flower container business and practicing kindness, compassion, and generosity. I look forward to sharing yoga with you.


Barbara Froio (Also Hingham & Duxbury Studios)

Barbara Froio, CYT, is a graduate of an intensive 8 month national yoga alliance certification program through Open Doors. As a mother of two, she first became interested in yoga after the birth of her first child. Through Yoga, Barbara continues to grow and learn the importance of love, living truth and letting go. She uses her expansive knowledge by modifying or varying postures allowing beginners and advanced students alike to reap the full benefits of their practice. Barbara currently teaches Hatha, Power and Pre-Natal Yoga at Open Doors in both Weymouth and Braintree and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga for the town of Hingham at their Town Hall.


Marcela Heffron

Marcela grew up in the Czech Republic and has always looked for challenges in sports, outdoor activities, fitness and in health. She lives in Pembroke with her husband and their two children. She works hard to maintian a balance between caring for her family and her career. She first stepped on a yoga mat in 2004. She admits that her first class was very different and challenging compared to her regular routine but knew right away that she loved yoga. It would prove to be a life changing experience for her.  Not only did she gain a passion to instruct yoga, she also enjoyed the physical and mental benefits for herself.

Marcela earned her Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports in Prague in 1997. She then worked for in and out-patient clinics for approximately 12 years, her specialty being orthopedic and sports medicine. In 2007, she received her 200h Yoga Teacher training through Shambhava Yoga School in Hawaii and for the past 10 years has been instructing yoga. Her certifications also include Pilates mat, Evolve and Balancepoint Barre. Marcela's passion is to instruct Barre classes combining her knowledge and experience into different types of Barre workouts including Pilates Method, Yoga, core and upper body strengthening. In the summer of 2016 she also studied Thai massage in Thailand where she received her 60h certification. Her specialties also includes Prenatal, Postnatal, Mom and bay Yoga, Chair and Yin Yoga, Barre classes for moms with their babies.

Marcela strives to make every class special and safe focusing on modifications or challenges. She wants to encourage her clients to appreciate their bodies' capabilities, to educate and train them to build strength and gain flexibility along with living a healthy lifestyle. She also believes that through her instruction, her clients will see the beauty of their own body and leave her classes stronger, more relaxed, and injury-free.


Lisa D. Kelleher

Lisa is thrilled to joinOpen Doors Studios as an instructor of HOT Barre Fusion. She is a graduate of Smith College with a degree in Dance/Choreography and Theater, as well as a veteran of the Boston Ballet and Harvard Summer School's intensive advanced ballet program and a  studio owner. Lisa began dancing almost before she could walk- waltzing with her parents, in her playpen, and anywhere there was room- and started her ballet training at the age of five. At the age of six, she was Clara in Nutcracker, and in the ensuing years, participated in Nutcracker in various roles with the Boston Ballet. Since that first performance, she has been involved in or has seen Nutcracker every single year, and has continued her training with the Boston Ballet. She is also an accomplished, acclaimed performer and choreographer, working with local musical theaters, both on and offstage, as lead dancer and choreographer, as well as a dance studio owner and Ballet Mistress at local studios.   She has studied and performed almost all forms of dance: classical ballet, musical theater/Fosse, tap, Isadora Duncan, Renaissance/Festival/Tribal, modern, jazz, fitness: zumba/barre fitness/aerobics, and various ethnic styles, to name a few. She is heavily influenced by George Balanchine, Agnes deMille, Bob Fosse, and Jerome Robbins.  Lisa believes strongly in teaching the proper technique of dance, regardless of style, and adores sharing her love and joy of dance with her students. She owes her love of dance to her parents, Betty and David Kelleher, who when they had nothing, had each other and a little girl who thought she had everything because she had them, music, and dance.

Beth Kilmore

Beth began studying Yoga in 1991, after a broken back found her with SIX fused vertebrae, encased in Harrington Rods. She began to find relief from the pain, studied and began practicing all aspects of Yoga traditions. She completed her Yoga Teachers Training in 1992, teaching and living in an Ashram for three years, as she healed her back.  During this time she taught Meditation and Yoga in NYC and Ashram Yoga Retreat. Her love for the Meditative and Contemplative aspects of Yogic Science began developing her gifts as an Intuitive Spiritual Healer. By 1997 she found herself studying with Sufi Mystic Master Healers; SIDI Jamal, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD. and Salima Adelstein, while attending the University of Spirituality and Sufism. Beth’s unique gift is the Love she brings into her work. She has continued to study and serve in her healing practice over the past 20 years.  She combines SUFI Healing work with other modalities of study within her Sessions. Beth has assisted thousands in finding relief from Chronic Physical and Spiritual Pain.  Taking her Asana practices into the silks she combined the Aerial Yoga with her Healing modalities of Sufism, Cranio Sacral, Myofascial Release, THIA Yoga, and CREATED: AERIAL BODY THERAPY in 2014! An avid Healer and Aerial Yoga Instructor, Beth is extremely excited to share New Practices incorporated into Ancient Practices. Her hope is that you too  will fall in LOVE, finding Healing and Contentment!


Liza Leonard

Liza Leonard is a kind a loving yogi that teaches yoga to inspire others to make their lives as happy and beautiful as they can be. Liza believes in the power of yoga to transform us into versions of ourselves that we want to be. She teaches asana and breath that help students move better and more naturally in their bodies. She wants yoga to be a tool that everyone can use to gain better physical health, stronger mental connections, and deeper spiritual practices in everyday life. Liza completed the 200 hour Teacher Training program at Open Doors Yoga during the 2016 summer and fell in love with teaching yoga. She hopes to continue to be both a student and a teacher of yoga and to spread her love of the practice to as many people as possible.


Susan McDonough

After almost 20 years of teaching fitness classes, and an extremely active lifestyle, I took to my mat after a severe hamstring and subsequent lower back injury laid me low. I had hopes that yoga would help speed the recovery of my body, and prevent further injury. I never expected the profound impact it would have on my life both physically and emotionally. In both aspects I am happier, stronger, and calmer. My yoga journey continues as I study with the amazing teachers at Open Doors, and others(eg., Ana Forrest Rolf Gates, Seane Corn) and undergo RYT certification with David Vendetti. My goal is to make every class a special experience for my students that will leave them stronger, energized, and relaxed. See you on the mat.


Gloria Monaghan  

Gloria completed her 200 hr yoga certification through Open Doors Studio. She believes that the energy and flow of yoga is instrumental to healing and transformation. Gloria is a published author who writes poetry and fiction and uses her creativity to further develop her teaching and her practice.


Matt Mullen (Instructor & Co-Owner of Weymouth, Duxbury, Hanover Studios)

I am first and foremost a humble healer, a Massage Therapist trained in many modalities, from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Sports Massage. I have been blessed to be a Massage Therapist for over 20 years. In those twenty years I have been honored to work on thousands of clients, priding myself in creating a sanctuary for real and lasting healing to occur.


Sharon Peterson (Sub)

Physical fitness and nutrition have been my passion for more than 25 years. Going into my first yoga class, I never gave any thought to what the practice of yoga could do for me internally and mindfully. When I began to dabble in yoga, I did so for physical reasons; I struggled with low back problems from an early age. The courage to try yoga didn’t come easy. My chiropractor lightheartedly told me I would never be able to do yoga, not because he felt I was physically incapable, but because he didn’t feel I could relax my mind and body long enough to get through a class. Now, 15 years later, I’ve completed Open Doors 200 Hour YTT training program, I’m sharing the many benefits of yoga with others, and I very rarely see my chiropractor. I no longer practice yoga as a means of physical fitness; I practice for inner peace and the ongoing benefits that extend far beyond my mat. My goal for my students is to lead them through a safe asana practice, empowering them to recognize and honor their body’s limitations, while focusing on the breath and maintaining the connection of breath to movement.


Lyn Pompeo (Also Hingham & Weymouth Studios)

I am forever thankful to the dear friend that introduced me to yoga decades ago. The journey started slowly but eventually led me to the Open Doors Teacher Training program in 2006 led by Richard Lanza and Shawn Cornelison. I entered the program with absolutely no intention to actually teach yoga asana, but as life sometimes goes I have not stopped teaching since completing my 200hr. As a vinyasa lover I teach a very breath centered class. My intention as a teacher is for students to find their own way through the postures with breath and lightness, maybe a little bit of laughter and a challenge along the way. The practice of yoga is constantly changing for me and I have been extremely fortunate that the right teachers have come into my life at the right time. I am so so grateful for these teachers and this practice that has changed my life and intend to keep it going, with teachers new and old for years to come.

Katherine Rossmore

Katherine first came to her mat at Open Doors 10 years ago, like many new practitioners, looking for a substitute for running after an injury; she gradually made her way into the actual practice of yoga. Through Open Doors and being on her mat, she found true transformation and freedom, leaving behind a soul-draining career for new opportunities. She received her 200-hour Yoga teacher training in 2011 from the Body Awakening Program with David Vendetti and Todd Skoklund @ South Boston Yoga. In her teaching, she hopes to create a supportive and fun atmosphere for both seasoned yogis and beginners. She believes in intelligent sequencing and creative flowing. Katherine is also a writer, mother of three, and is a holistic nutritional health coach specializing in demystifying the whole foods kitchen.  Find her at  In addition to David Vendetti, she has taken workshops with Richard Lanza, Shiva Rea, Sadie Nardini, Elena Brower and Desiree Rombaugh; she loves yoga because she will never be done learning!


Kristen Rundle 

I began practicing yoga purely for the physical benefits but found it to be so much more than that. It is a grounding tool, a stress reducer, and a time to focus on creating a true mind-body-spirit connection. I believe in setting an intention for each practice as well as in life. I hope to share the joy of yoga and all it's benefits in my classes. My yoga practice started in 2008 and I received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Open Doors.


Maureen St. Croix  

Maureen completed her 200hr certification with Open Doors. She has a 500 hour cert in Prana Flow (Shiva Rea) with Coral Brown.Maureen”s classes are infused with a love of music, being a classically trained pianist she appreciates the parallel of rhythm of breath and loves focusing on using breath as your personal instrument to grow your practice. Ayurveda has been a big interest and is infused into the fabric of her sequences and wants to share this knowledge with her students. Maureen completed her 625 hour Ayurvedic Wellness Councilor certification with KAA and is planning on completing the Ayurvedic Practitioner’s level certification as well. She strives to both encourage and support her students to take their yoga off the mat and into the world. Come join her at class to mandala around the mat.

Susan Walsh

I found yoga ten years ago after running the DC Marathon which resulted in foot trouble. I was told to take a break from running and my doctor suggested yoga. I immediately became passionate about the strength, balance and flexibility I found in power yoga. I also enjoyed that I was continually challenged and loved how I felt after each and every class. Practicing hot power yoga only expanded my passion for the poses and it has been life changing for me. Through Ashtanga yoga, I have overcome many health issues and feel that my practice has improved not only my physical body but my spiritual well being. I look forward to teaching others how important it is to remain in the present, to express compassion and to respect the body through the sacred practice of yoga on and off of the mat. Namaste.

Lauren White

Lauren found her passion for yoga three years ago and discovered that it brought a lot more than a physical workout to her lifestyle. With each class, Lauren found that yoga brought peace, mindfulness and acceptance to her every day life. Lauren recently completed her RYT 200 hour training with Open Doors. With a kind sense of humor, compassion and the heart to bring her students through a powerful and meditative practice, Lauren hopes to bring the same healing to her students that she has found by flowing from breath to movement on her mat!

Anne Winter (Also Duxbury Studio)

Anne Winter has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance & Physiology from Connecticut college, a Masters in Education, from Suffolk University, is AFFA certified, and SCW certified. Her whole life has revolved around fitness. She danced professionally with Boston Ballet for three years, as a featured dancer. She also studied in New York with the American Ballet theatre, Melissa Hayden and Jacques D'Ambroise. She danced on Broadway and traveled the U.S. with several national touring companies. She had the privilege of working with Bob Fosse, Gwen Vernon, and Chita Rivera to name a few. During her travels she found yoga. It blended the discipline of ballet, with a workout for the mind. Yoga is not about right or wrong, it's about appropriateness. It's about listening inwardly and acting on those feelings. Yoga leaves you emotionally cleansed, and physically balanced. It's so clear how the mind and breath are intertwined during practice. Yoga is a synthesis of mind, body, and breath. She has studied with Baran Baptiste, Ana Forest, and at different studios across the United States. She has taught on the South Shore for over 15 years and has been retained by the Yarmouth Skating Club as their personal yoga and ballet coach. She is thrilled to have found Open Doors, and is looking forward to sharing her practice with you.


Laurie Zupkofska (Also Weymouth & Duxbury Studios)

Laurie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher program with Mukti Yoga School and is also a certified personal trainer.  Laurie’s knowledge has helped enhance the well-being of her students by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. She is continually learning about all aspects of body and mind to help others to commit to a healthier lifestyle and fuel their passion to achieve their fitness and health goals no matter how big or small.  She will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular yoga classes and the integration of guided yoga programs, to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.


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