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Laurie Barron

Laurie Barron 

I've been a fitness instructor for 21 years and owned Fit For All in Holbrook from 1988-1998. My passion for fitness and desire to help others reach their goals continued after I sadly had to close my gym. But, like the saying goes, "When one door closes, another one opens." My life has been blessed with many wonderful people who gave me the opportunity to do what I love - teach! In 2003, I became a certified yoga teacher through Finding Inner Peace, which led me to Open Doors. I've learned so much from the many different teachers here and I'm so happy to be working with them. I'm especially grateful to Cat, who has inspired me to look within myself and be fearless! I hope to share the joy that yoga has given me with my students. Visit my website:


Beverly Bielewicz

Beverly Bielewicz

It took me sixteen years of dreaming, and four years of planning, to become a yoga instructor.

My classes are open-hearted, friendly, and accessible to all; my teaching style mirrors my personality. I love creating community through yoga. My inclusive style of instruction invites students to explore movement and breath with safe physical alignment and energetic awareness, allowing participants to discover their own peace, power, and presence. I believe that the practice of yoga teaches us skills to become compassionate citizens of the world.

RYT500 Sacred Seeds Yoga, Jacqui Bonwell, 2017, RYT200, Open Doors Power Yoga, 2015, Certifications: Yin Yoga, SPA Yoga, Balanced Athlete Level 1, Reiki I

Additional training hours in teaching yoga to beginners, Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga Certification, anticipated June 2018.

Cindy Bowser

Cindy Bowser  

Cindy Bowser began her yoga journey at Open Doors in 2011. I believe in the spiritual, mental and physical life changing effects that a regular yoga practice can make. Yoga has had such an impact on my life that the next natural step was to enroll in Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training. I enjoy teaching a fun and physically challenging class that connects breath with movement, still allowing the mind to become calm. I look forward to helping my students gain the positive benefits that I continue to receive from yoga and Open Doors. Namaste!


kristen bruno.jpg

Kristen Bruno

My first class at Open Doors in Duxbury was a revelation. Although I had tried yoga classes here and there, I had never connected with the practice so deeply or had the same feeling of community in a studio before. I kept coming, and have discovered my inner reserves of peace and resiliency, created a more loving and positive relationship with my body, and nurtured my mind’s ability to calm and focus itself. Inspired to share this practice that has so enriched my life, I completed a 200hr teacher training through the Boston Center for Contemplative Practice in March 2020. As our world began to recover from the pandemic, I completed a mentorship program at Open Doors with the same teacher who taught my first class there. In addition to practicing and teaching at OD, I offer a free weekly class for addicts and alcoholics in recovery at the Plymouth Recovery Center. I am so excited to begin teaching in the studios where I have learned so much. I love to laugh and try new postures and sequences, and I look forward to sharing that with you.


Jan Burkhardt

Jan Burkhardt  

Yoga is my way of life. 500hr ERYT Reiki Master Y12SR YIN and SPA certified .


Moira Congdon, Open Doors Yoga Studios, Instructor, Weymouth MA

Moira Congdon

Moira Congdon, RYT-200, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NASM-Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

Yoga for me is an expression of equal parts strength, sweat, breath, and dance. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist in addition to an RYT 200, and that background in athletic movement and physicality is reflected in my flows. Expect a good dose of core work and dynamic movement that will challenge and empower you, set to deep tribal and house beats that will rhythmically sync with your breath and flow. My classes are athletic, hot, sweaty, and loose - meant to liberate that stuck energy and release what holds you back and weighs you down. Always with a soul-centered reading at the beginning and an essential oil savasana massage with cool stone at the end, I lead us in and out of class with a grounding connection to the authentic self that will leave you with calm energy and balance.

I also teach the Power Yoga Certification within our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and am proud to be a lululemon Ambassador.

Kerry donnelly.png

Kerry Donnelly 

Kerry Donnelly began her yoga journey at the Yoga For Athletes Studio in Vail, Colorado where she practiced for several years while working at the Lionshead Children’s Ski School. Always enjoying the challenges of skiing, mountain biking, hiking and any ocean activity, the peace and discipline she found through a dedicated yoga practice led Kerry to get her certification in Power Flow in 2004. Kerry continued her education by getting certified in Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Adjusting and Assisting, Chair & Senior Yoga and Prenatal yoga. Kerry is a level ll Reiki practitioner as well. Kerry studied with Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Rolf Gates, Anna Forrest, Stephanie Pappas, Jené Rossi and has been teaching a variety of styles of yoga for 18 years. Teaching all levels and many styles from Gentle to Power Vinyasa, Kerry prefers a flowing class with graceful movement. Kerry’s favorite skill is gently guiding students through hands on assists into the alignment that their bodies will allow them. Seeing her students learn and grow is the most rewarding part of teaching. Kerry has been part of the Open Doors YTT program and has been on staff at Balance Yoga studios YTT in Cohasset as well for many years. Kerry continues to teach many workshops including The Enhanced Slow Flow, Arm Balance & Inversions and Partner yoga.


Tami Duggan

Tami Duggan

For me, yoga strengthens my body and calms my mind. Yoga gives back. When the breath and body are moving as one and the mind is on pause, that is my yoga. I take from my mat what serves me and try to leave what does not. I enrolled in Open Doors 200 hr YTT to learn more about the practice, and now as a teacher, I want to give back what I have received. Acceptance, gratitude and peace in my mind and in my heart. Off my mat, I have worked 30+ years in Radiation Oncology, a profession that has taught me above all else, to live in the moment. It has also taught me the power of the mind as it relates to overall wellness, and the healing benefits, mind and body, of a yoga practice. My passions are cultivating strong bonds with the people I adore and love, landscaping, hiking and walking the woods with my dogs, growing my flower container business and practicing kindness, compassion, and generosity. I look forward to sharing yoga with you.


danielle ferreira.jpg

Danielle Ferreira

I first discovered yoga and fitness classes in 2006 shortly after my son was born. With a background in ballet and dance, many yoga poses came easily and I didn’t fully appreciate all that yoga and fitness had to offer. When I moved to Duxbury, I rediscovered yoga and became part of a wonderful community! At that point yoga became more than just a workout and stretching, I was finally linking mind and body through breathe, movement and meditation. It was a huge breakthrough! After spending most of days practicing yoga, I then decided to embark on yoga teacher training. I choose a 200 hour program at YogaBody out of Barcelona, Spain. Traveling to Barcelona twice on my own was totally life changing! I changed my body, my mind, and developed a love for learning! I wish to bring yoga and overall fitness to people so they may develop strength, balance, and flexibility. I offer the progression of all skills through the use of breath work to further develop the mind/body connection. This shift in career paths has truly been a blessing and I hope to share everything I’ve learned with all of my students!


Paige Hogg 1

Paige Hogg

Ever since her first yoga class, Paige knew yoga was special and sacred. She loves how yoga is always there for you; it's something you can put down and pick back up when you need it. Paige completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Open Doors in 2021, because she wanted to help spread the magic of the practice. In Paige's class, you'll experience slow, intentional movements and relaxing vibes.


Kim Howard

Kim Howard

Kim left a career in corporate HR and Law to focus on bringing more balance into her own life. After practicing yoga regularly for over 5 years, Kim took a leap to the other side of the mat to better align her livelihood with her passion for teaching, fitness and mindfulness. She first turned to yoga to recover and stay in shape when an injury derailed her running, and in addition to the changes in her body, she was hooked on the mental and spiritual shift in her life. In addition to running and yoga, Kim is an avid hiker and loves the great outdoors. She completed her 200 CYT through Open Doors Yoga Studios and her 500 CYT with Sacred Seeds Yoga School. She holds additional certifications in Kids Yoga and Clinically Informed Restorative Yoga (CLIR) and is a Level I Balanced Athlete Coach. She also teaches graduate school and still does some consulting. Kim lives in Hanover with her son Dylan and their rescue pup Susana.


kelsey laubenstein.jpg

Kelsey Laubenstein

Kelsey loves all- people, nature, music, the universe. Yoga gave Kelsey the gift of true self-love and gratefulness. Once BE-ing love and BE-ing grateful, magic began to happen- her perception of life changed, she changed, she woke up, and began her destined journey. As a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher- Kelsey’s intention is to provide and share together a loving, safe, welcoming, powerful, and challenging environment. Kelsey brings rad music of all genres depending on the theme of the class. Spirituality and inner higher consciousness will accompany every class during Savasana. Expect to leave Kelsey’s class feeling open, energetic, and joyous. "My vision is far, my reach is long, my love is limitless"-Magister Daire


Bailey Miles

Bailey Miles

I’ve alway been on a quest to find my purpose through life. I enjoy finding the beauty in everything, optimistic rather than as obstacles. I have experienced that in tackling any problem areas in life, movement and breathing have been at the forefront. I like to explore new ways of thinking and being. When I realized my intuitive vision was strong I set out to become a yoga teacher to serve as part of my community. My name is Bailey Miles, I came to New England in 2017 from South Dakota. I am a 200hr RYT that has been practicing for over a decade. I teach a variety of classes including power, gentle, vinyasa, Buti, face, and sculpt yoga flows. Through yoga I want to deepen and broaden the knowledge of who you are at the level of your innermost soul, and really learn to love the person that you are. My positive and optimistic personality will leave you in good spirits and able to see the big picture, so that you can spread inspiration around the world.

Matt Mullen, Yoga Teacher, Boston's Best Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapist

Matt Mullen (Instructor & Co-Owner of Weymouth, Duxbury, Norwell Studios)

I am first and foremost a humble healer, a Massage Therapist trained in many modalities, from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Sports Massage. I have been blessed to be a Massage Therapist for over 20 years. In those twenty years I have been honored to work on thousands of clients, priding myself in creating a sanctuary for real and lasting healing to occur.


Lyn Pompeo

Lyn Pompeo  

I am forever thankful to the dear friend that introduced me to yoga decades ago. The journey started slowly but eventually led me to the Open Doors Teacher Training program in 2006 led by Richard Lanza and Shawn Cornelison. I entered the program with absolutely no intention to actually teach yoga asana, but as life sometimes goes I have not stopped teaching since completing my 200hr. As a vinyasa lover I teach a very breath centered class. My intention as a teacher is for students to find their own way through the postures with breath and lightness, maybe a little bit of laughter and a challenge along the way. The practice of yoga is constantly changing for me and I have been extremely fortunate that the right teachers have come into my life at the right time. I am so so grateful for these teachers and this practice that has changed my life and intend to keep it going, with teachers new and old for years to come.

Jessica Reilly
Kristen Rundle

Jessica Reilly  

My journey with yoga began many years ago, the calmness I felt after my first class kept bringing me back for more. I developed a wonderful connection between my mind and body and enjoyed the positivity, relaxation and strength I found as my yoga practice grew. I teach a variety of different style yoga classes. I like to focus on strength as well as breath, relaxation and stretching. I completed a 200hr yoga teacher training through Open Doors as well as an additional training in power yoga. My goal as a teacher is to create a welcoming environment for all, where students can explore who they are as a yogi and embrace their best self on and off the mat.

Kristen Rundle 

I began practicing yoga purely for the physical benefits but found it to be so much more than that. It is a grounding tool, a stress reducer, and a time to focus on creating a true mind-body-spirit connection. I believe in setting an intention for each practice as well as in life. I hope to share the joy of yoga and all it's benefits in my classes. My yoga practice started in 2008 and I received my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Open Doors.


kelly sott.jpg

Kelly Sott

I was introduced to yoga about 12 years ago and immediately fell in love. Although my practice began more as a means to exercise, with study, I have realized how much deeper yoga has the ability to reach beyond the physical body. Originally from Philadelphia and having lived all over the country and abroad, I relocated to Massachusetts last year and am so excited to be part of the South Shore yoga community. I received my 200 hour certification through Open Doors and am registered with Yoga Alliance. Currently I am working on my RCYT 95 hour to teach children and teen’s yoga with a trauma-informed focus. I am also certified in Gravity Yoga and Thai Massage Level 1, and am a certified breath coach. I will be earning my certifications in Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Sculpt, Yin, and Restorative Yoga by November 2021. I am a forever student- constantly striving to learn and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually, both personally and as a teacher, and hope to be able to share my knowledge, growth, and love of yoga with all of you. My classes focus on the mind, body, and breath connection in an upbeat, welcoming environment. I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

kim spear.png

Kim Spear

We live in a world that places so many demands on us, physically, emotionally, socially, culturally, financially, etc and in turn we can end up feeling fragmented and fragile. The practice of yoga offers us ways to become still and acknowledge all parts of ourselves, our pain and our resilience, our failures and our successes, our fears and our bravery with an open heart and in turn see these same things in others.   Yoga is, as its name translates, is a reunification practice which cultivates a relationship between body and mind, mind and breath, breath and present moment awareness and it has been a source of stability and anchoring in my daily life. I graduated from the Open Doors 200hr teaching training program in 2005 and the RYS 500hr program through Sacred Seeds Yoga School with Jacqui Bonwell, in 2015. I have my Level 2 Balanced Athlete (TM) Certification, Yin Yoga & Meditation Certification, Yoga Nidra Certification, and Kids Yoga Certification. ​My classes have a strong emphasis on alignment, breath, inner awareness and mindful movement.  I teach from a place of knowing that we are all students in our practice and in our lives.  

Jess Thompson Yoga Instructor

Jess Thompson

My yoga and meditation practice began when I was seventeen years old. At that time, I was in high school, clinically depressed, and was put into yoga as an elective class. Although initially hesitant, I soon fell in love with the movement and breath and began to regularly take hot yoga classes at the local studio in town. The feeling I experienced afterward was the closest I’ve ever been to peace, and I kept returning to the mat over and over again. I began to feel love and compassion for myself and found a community of people I felt understood me. ⁣⁣⁣In 2018, I graduated from the Yoga Spirit 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and began teaching others about the practice that transformed my life.⁣⁣⁣ Since obtaining my certification, I have lead yoga classes with up to 100 students at a time, created a network of private clients, lead team bonding professional corporate classes, high school students, sports teams and runners clubs, yoga addiction recovery, therapeutic mentoring from the ages of 5-18, and raised $2800 for The LoveLand Foundation through donation-based yoga thanks to the generosity of my community. My teaching style allows students to unfold limitations in both their body and mind while providing a space for them to feel a sense of peace within. I weave thought provoking meditations and mindful breathwork throughout my classes, applying ancient wisdom to our western world in a useful and understandable way. My hope is that you will leave your mat finding peace, empowerment, and self-acceptance through yoga, just as I have.

susan walsh 2022.jpg

Susan Walsh

I’ve been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaching more then half of that time.  I found the practice of yoga after running marathons and sustaining injuries. I came for the physical workout but later found peace on my mat and gratitude in my heart.  My goal is to share the feeling of balance, strength and flexibility with each and every one of my students. The breath and meditation matter more then the poses   The ability to share the journey in an accepting community space is paramount.  I hope for flow with you soon. Namaste

Nancy Wiley.jpg

Nancy Wiley

I have always pursued all sorts of athletic activities. As a child I was on the gymnastics and tennis teams in school. I have been a competitive long-distance runner for the past 12 years, love to hike, bike, ski, surf, do Pilates, play team tennis, and I'm a passionate YOGI! I was drawn to yoga for two main reasons: the lengthening and strengthening as a complement to running, and because of the spiritual component of yoga. My favorite reading material is yoga-related and many of my friends are also yogis. It's really a lifestyle choice, and it brings much peace and compassion into my life. Namaste.


Jessica Williamson

Your story is not who you are...Allow yoga to peel the layers away....physically, emotionally,  spiritually. Namaste

Anne Winter 2022.png

Anne Winter 

B.F.A. in Dance & Physiology from Connecticut College Masters Education from Suffolk University , Studied with: Rolf Gates, Jason Crandall,  Ana Forrest, David Vendetti, Meaghan B. Currie, Training; Jivamukti Yoga with Sharon Gannon, N.Y.C.,   Laughing Lotus Yoga, N.Y.C.

I’ve been teaching Yoga at Open Doors for over 15 years. My whole life has revolved around movement. I danced professionally with Boston Ballet for 3 years. I studied at American Ballet Theater in N.Y.C., and then transitioned to Broadway and traveled with several touring companies. During my travels, I found Yoga! It blended the discipline of ballet with a workout for the mind. I listened inwardly and acted on those feelings. Yoga can leave you emotionally cleansed and physically balanced. My classes are fun and challenging,  a time to explore your body and to heighten your awareness. Yoga is a journey to be enjoyed! Looking forward to sharing my classes with you.