300 Hour Yoga Alliance Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Let by: Courtney Bell, Jacqui Bonwell, & Kim Spear
 *1 hr asana, 30 min of meditation & 1 live (or recorded) lecture from 10:30 am-1:30 pm each assigned training day on zoom.
The live lecture will be available for a minimum of 7 days if you cannot attend any of the training lectures (due to work, life, etc.), the training link and password will be provided for you. A Zoom account is free, and necessary. 

Normally $4,000 but due to the Yoga Alliance online accommodations this training can be offered for $1,000 less! Take this opportunity to train with 3 dedicated mentors.
  1. Pay by August 31st for $3,000

  2. Pay two payments, one August 31st for $1500, one October 1st for $1500

  3. Pay monthly payments: Aug $500, Sept $1,000, Oct $1,000 and Nov $500

You must purchase “Buddha’s Brain” by Rick Hanson prior to the course and begin reading it. 

*If you have done the Apprenticeship with Jacqui, contact her directly before you register for the program. You have a $500 program credit, as well as 24 hrs credit. 



Each training day an asana practice is assigned, as well as 30 minutes of meditation which can be broken up however you want and done whenever you want. Each training day there will be a Zoom lecture offered live or recorded to training participants for the 10:30am-1:30pm lecture time on training days. You are not required, but are encouraged, to be at the live sessions. Having said that, if you work and this is not an option Jacqui can get you the recorded training within 24 hours of the session you missed.  It’s OK to miss sessions or not be able to practice.  All your work must just be done and made up by Nov 20th. 


CONTACT JACQUI by phone (781) 710-3933 to discuss the program or contact her THROUGH EMAIL: jacquibonwell@gmail.com

For more on lead teachers see bios below or visit:




You will receive:

CLIR Training (Clinically-Informed Restorative yoga for Trauma Certification)

500hr YA Certification

FMS & Balanced Athlete Training

*Energetic Sequencing & Emotional Anatomy training *Teaching advanced Theming, retreats, leading groups *Business*in~depth sutra study *teaching meditation *neuroscience *Diversity training & more!




Being a Mother, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, Wife and neighbor are just as important to Jacqui as her "professional" accomplishments. She deeply thanks her teachers: Johnny Gillespie, Pat Iyer, Rolf Gates & David Vendetti. They've taught her that true enlightenment can be found in the mundane & that God is in the eyes & hearts of all people. I offer an exceptionally deep bow to all of the roots of this practice & places like India. She is grateful for all of the wise sages and teachers who have ethically handed down this practice through time and verbal tradition. She is honored to have trained & graduated hundreds of students from her teaching Apprenticeships, Certifications and Yoga Teacher Training Programs est. in 2011. She is an E-RYT-500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, a YACEP Continuing Ed Provider, Balanced Athlete(tm) Level 2 Coach, Co-Author of Migrations: An Almanac For the Soul, Yin Yoga & Meditation Certified through Sagel Urlacher, Director of the Sacred Seeds Yoga School & Curriculum and Owner of a private Yoga studio, the Canton Yoga Shala in Canton, MA. Outside of Yoga she does a regular circuit of Motivational Speaking for everyone & everything from schools to social service/crisis jobs to corporate America. She encourages her teachers to take Yoga into populations that don’t have it. Many of her teachers teach in prisons, crisis situations, hospitals, nursing homes, with Veterans, children, teens & cancer survivors. She strongly encourage them to make Yoga accessible & considers her Yoga “Blue Collar Yoga,” works great but not all that fancy! She has been a New England Presenter for the past 10 years for Yoga Reaches Out for Children’s Hospital at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. Her team of “birds” & Jacqui have raised over $420,000 for charity JUST through Yoga at the time of this writing.

Courtney Bell

Courtney Bell doesn’t sacrifice practice for posing. She is a student of the practice and strives to embrace the 8 limbed path of Yoga. She started in Chicago being introduced to the Asana initially but falling madly in love with the Yoga Sutras. Deep bow to the Chicago Moksha Yoga community & Darien Freisen. It gave her the space to ponder life as a community based Social Worker. Courtney considers herself a “sunrise runner.” She credits pranayama with helping build her endurance. An athlete since the age of 11 the wear and tear on her physical body took a toll from the constant pounding of running. She went to Yoga for physical balance. She also realized her LOVE of NATURE!! Courtney is happiest outside. It brings her calm to continue to have the balance her full time job requires in the medical services/social work field. Backpacking, hiking, ice and rock climbing, kayaking, sculling, SUP and Yoga to name a few of her favorites! She uses Yoga, nature, pranayama, the Yamas & the Niyamas to shred the outside world to get back to the purity within. Courntey her study of not just practicing but teaching Yoga with Street Yoga in San Diego, CA. This lead her to explore more about the body, movement and trauma through the teachings and aggressive study of Bessel Van Der Kolk’s work through Kripalu in Lenox, MA. She completed her 200hour training at Chakra Power Yoga with mentors, Nicole Burrill & Tim Kelleher. After her 200 hour training Courtney went on to obtain Trauma Brain Injury yoga certification, SPA yoga certification, Mind Body Awareness practice for Veterans through the American Red Cross. She is a Reiki Master, Yin and Meditation teacher (trained by the great Sagel Urlacher.) Lastly, with the guidance of Jacqui Bonwell, she obtained one of the highest levels of Yoga Certification through the Yoga Alliance by graduating her Advanced training to become a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Kim Spear

In this wild world of ours, Kim Spear’s practice is where she begins her daily simplification and reunification process. The practice of cultivating a relationship between body and mind, mind and breath, breath and present moment awareness has been a source of stability and anchoring in her daily life. Her classes have a strong emphasis on alignment, breath, inner awareness and mindful movement. She graduated from the Open Doors 200hr teaching training program in 2005 and the RYS Yoga Alliance 500hr program through Sacred Seeds Yoga School with her teacher, Jacqui Bonwell, in 2015. She feels blessed and honored to be the Mama of three beautiful babes who have required her on a daily basis to put her yoga ‘skills’ to use. For the past 16 years she has taught from a place of knowing that we are all students in our Yoga practice and in our lives. Kim has her Level 2 Balanced Athlete (TM) Certification, Yin & Meditation Certification, Yoga Nidra Certification, and has assisted for over 7 years at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Healing in Lenox, MA. She is a regular teacher for the empowerHER program for girls without Mom’s & regularly teaches YoungYogis class for pre-teens and teens.

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