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Andrea Evans

Kathy Clark 

E-RYT200, PYT, YACEP, I never imagined that my first yoga class would be an enormous life changing experience!  "When the student is ready, the teacher appears!" proved true for me. Career demands as a Corporate Trainer left me sleepless and anxious, so l knew l had to make a major change. That first yoga class created a shift I had not yet understood, but knew I had to come back for more. I attended classes for 2 years, and became certified at the Yoga Teacher Training Institute of Long Island. My first session was the day before the 911 tragedy. The challenge of completing the 9 month course, an Eclectic Yoga program, was doubly intensified.  Hungry to learn, l explored many traditions, to include Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Kali-Ray TriYoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Kripalu retreats. I was amazed at the infinite array of traditions and techniques, all having their unique effect on my body and emotional state. I learned that a steady practice could change my perspective with respect to myself, others and my experience of the world. I had to share these experiences! I loved teaching and guiding the students onto their own unique path. Yes, l was a guide, not telling them how to feel or what their experience should be, but encouraged them to simply be. Easier said than done! How do l lead students to that place of contentment, acceptance and love? One breath at a time. Cultivate trust.  Free up your mind and allow yourself to reap all the benefits of yoga. There are so many! Give yourself time for exploration.

I also became a prenatal yoga teacher and found the gentle energy of the practice gave Moms-to-be and their yogi babies a way to enjoy the journey of Motherhood, minimizing discomfort and creating a sacred connection with each other. So, join me with an air of curiosity, a desire for improved overall health,  and we can learn from each other on this wonderful path of Yoga.


Andrea Evans 

Andrea Evans has been practicing yoga since the late 90’s, first drawn to the mat as a new way to move the body. Ironically, it was love at first savasana. Andrea's all-levels classes, workshops, and retreats are designed to offer students a personalized experience, empowering them to recognize and receive benefits bespoke to their individual needs. Each student’s energy, story, and personal intention inspires Andrea to adapt each practice to the present set of circumstances, making no two experiences the same. What is, however, consistent is that Andrea teaches from the heart. A life-long learner, Andrea has many honorable teachers who have made a lasting impact. Jacqui Bonwell skillfully led Andrea through 200 hours of teacher training at the Sacred Seeds Yoga School, which fueled Andrea’s passion not only for learning, but also for teaching others. Andrea has pursued deeper studies in Yin Yoga and Meditation, both with Sagel Urlacher and Josh Summers; Yoga Nidra with Sagel; Reiki I with Pat Iyer and Reiki II with Denise Cucalon; functional movement with Johnny Gillespie; Five Element Yoga® with Jennifer Reis; and Yoga for Trauma, Emotional Health and Healing with Kate Graham. It should be noted that, among her many profound and respected guides and mentors, Andrea personally considers her two daughters to stand out as the most remarkable, humbling teachers of all.


Lesley Fairbanks

Lesley Fairbanks 

After many years as a fitness instructor, Lesley found yoga after a running injury. “I, like many, thought yoga was just about stretching and meditating, and I was a hard core sweat and muscle burn junkie. I was very misinformed. I believe yoga saved my body from furthering the injury to my knee and ankle. I have always been interested in the science of exercise and anatomy, and yoga training has allowed me to deepen this study.” As she delved deeper into anatomy study, physiology, and natural healing, she was drawn to intricate workings of the human brain, and the mind body connection so philosophized in yoga teachings. An interest in brain and movement disorders has led her to focus on yoga therapy to help people improve their quality of life. She recently successfully completed, and showed proficiency in Yoga for Parkinson's Teacher Training with the APDA.


Lesley is a lifelong equestrian and has been a licensed horseback riding instructor for nearly 30 years. She now incorporates her knowledge of balanced equitation with the core strength development of yoga and Pilates to give riders a competitive edge, or just to help them find a meditative practice that benefits both horse and rider.
Lesley has also added Figure Skaters to her client base. Figure skating requires a tremendous amount of balance and strength. It is necessary to start finding this strength and balance using the deepest core muscles to create stability in the body. "I have carefully chosen poses and exercises based on my experience as a competitive skater. They are designed to increase flexibility, strengthen the whole body, and find balance, focus, endurance, and calmness with breathing techniques. My class is first and foremost tailored to the individual needs of my students with emphasis always on proper body alignment, mechanics, and safety.


Kara Immonen

Kara Immonen 

Kara is a graduate of the Open Doors 200-Hour Teacher Training Program. She has been a teacher in the public schools for many years and has been practicing yoga since college. Her philosophy of yoga is that it should be accessible for every body. She believes that through practice, we can manifest ease, flexibility, and strength in the physical body; as well as in the mind and spirit. Kara hopes to help every student find the yoga that fits them. The yoga that allows them to grow from within and accept all aspects of themselves. Her hope is that every student will embrace the practice of yoga and trust in its power to transform the body, mind and spirit.


Judi Kackloudis, Open Doors Yoga Teacher

Judi Kackloudis

Judi is a 200 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance who has been teaching for 10 years and practicing for 20. Her love of yoga truly began in college, when she discovered the power of meditation. Meditation brings inner peace and focus. She finds great joy in guiding others through a yoga practice that is healing, energizing, and transformative.  She always aims to create a classroom environment that feels peaceful and safe for students of all walks of life. Judi has taught students of all ages and is trained in hatha, viniyoga, children’s yoga, and chair yoga. Yoga teachers that have inspired and fueled her passion for the practice include Judy Baker,Gail Taylor, Jacqui Bonwell, Barbara Benagh and Natasha Rizopoulos.


Bonnie Kelliher, Open Doors Yoga Studios, N Attlboro

Bonnie Kelliher

After practicing more vigorous forms of yoga over the past 20 years, I find myself moving towards a slower, more mindful practice.  I still love the way the physical practice of yoga makes my body feel, but I'm just as interested in the way if affects my mind and spirit. I completed my 200 hour yoga training from Open Doors in September of 2013.  Since then I have been teaching all levels of power yoga and also teach a senior yoga class.  I have continued my education with a weekend workshop "Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery & Beyond" by Camille Kittrell, M.S., ERYT and more recently an 8-day workshop "Thereapeutic Yoga for Seniors professional training" at Duke Integrative Medicine.   I honestly believe that everyone can and should do yoga.  I believe yoga is about accepting yourself where you are. I always encourage students to concentrate on movements that feel good and make sense in their own body and not to worry about the postures look like to others.  Moving slowly and safely and creating a sense of wellness are my main goals in a class.  And if we can have fun doing that, then all is good!  I hope to be able to pass on my love of this practice and specifically help to teach people to let go of their pre-conceived notions of what yoga should be and engage in a yoga practice that feels wonderful for them.

Mallory Pfantz 2021

Mallory Pfantz (North Attleboro Franchise Owner)

Mallory began practicing yoga to complement her career as a dancer. Heated yoga became a form of therapy for her aching body. The effects of a regular practice soon became much more than just physically beneficial; yoga was also soothing for the mind and soul. With several years of experience teaching movement and dance, Mallory also wanted to be able to share the art of yoga. She completed her first 200 hour yoga teacher training through Open Doors Yoga Studios. Her teaching style is creatively inspired by movement and dance, balancing strength and grace; effort and ease. In 2015, Mallory became the proud owner of Open Doors Yoga Studio in North Attleboro.


Since then, she has continued to learn and greatly expand her wellness career. Mallory is a level 2 Reiki practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Culinary Nutrition Expert & Educator (Academy of Culinary Nutrition). She has also studied Ayurvedic Wellness (Maharishi Integrative Ayurveda Institute), and Yoga Nidra (Sagel Urlacher). She completed another 200 hour yoga teacher training, and her 300 hour yoga teacher training with David Vendetti (Yoga Liberation Front). 


Mallory loves to share her knowledge with family, friends, and students with the intention of empowering others to make informed decisions for their own health and wellbeing. 

Leo Simpson

Leo Simpson

A number of years ago whilst struggling on a rock face during a climbing trip on the Via Ferrata in the Italian dolomites, a friend of Leo’s suggested he try yoga to loose some weight and build some strength. The rest is now history. Today Leo lives, eats and sleeps yoga and Reiki. Leo completed his 200hr YTT with Rolf Gates in 2011. Concurrent with his yoga path Leo developed a deep interest in Reiki and under the guidance of Pat Iyer is also a Master Reiki practitioner.
His mission is to inspire other human beings, particularly those struggling with life, to become healed, and to change and grow by sharing every bit of knowledge and wisdom he has gained throughout his lifetime. In order to do this, his immediate mission is to prepare himself fully by adding missing arrows to his quiver and developing all the skills necessary to successfully achieve his mission. To this end he recently completed his 300hr YTT with Jacqui Bonwell and together with a sensational group of human beings is now a 500hr RYT. In his spare time Leo is a Chemical Engineer…..go figure. Leo lives his life by two mantras…..”Life is short, so eat dessert first” and more importantly “Live, laugh love, be kind and leave a legacy”.  


Laurie Sweeney

Laurie has been practicing yoga for 12 years and obtained her 200 Hr. CYT under the direction of Abbe Cuilla of Troy City Yoga. She is also certified in Teen & Children’s Yoga under the direction of Kim Taylor/Cardio Kids at Open Doors, Weymouth. She has been the Early Childhood director at Spotlight Dance Studio in Taunton, MA since 1993, a member of the Dance Teacher’s Club of Boston since 2003, and holds certifications in Group Exercise, VBarre, Child Development, and Reiki Level 1. She is a Vinyasa-based instructor who, coupled with her 39 years experience as a dance and acrobatics educator, creates the perfect balance of mind, body, and strength throughout her beautifully crafted sequences and transitions set to music.