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Moira Congdon

As a lifelong dancer, avid triathlete and ice hockey player Moira began practicing yoga as a way to deal with discomfort in her body, the physical outcome of overuse and injury. Through her yoga practice, she not only healed and prevented these bodily imbalances but brought ease and strength into all aspects of her life.  Her style of yoga is athletic and fluid, invigorating but ultimately calming and focused on being a centering experience that you can take with you outside of class in everything you do. Receiving her teaching certification through Open Doors and connecting with the yoga community has been a powerful and transformational force in her life. She looks forward to sharing her practice with you!


Emily Curtis Pott

Yoga has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My practice began in a gym setting where I learned power yoga and I loved the workout and also how I felt after. Over the years I have become more passionate and wanted to learn more about yoga which brought me to the Open Doors Teacher Training program. My certification training experience taught me that yoga is more than exercising my body and mind but also about embracing a practice which I can carry with me both in the classroom and into my daily life. While I achieved my certification to teach yoga, I also became a better student of yoga, learning that there is always more to learn has given me a greater respect for my own practice and the enthusiasm to share my practice with others. Yoga for me is about balance, it is what brings me peace and what gets me through the stressful days and makes me appreciate the good days. I hope to share my love and knowledge of yoga with my students.  


Barbara Froio  

Barbara Froio, CYT, is a graduate of an intensive 8 month national yoga alliance certification program through Open Doors. As a mother of two, she first became interested in yoga after the birth of her first child. Through Yoga, Barbara continues to grow and learn the importance of love, living truth and letting go. She uses her expansive knowledge by modifying or varying postures allowing beginners and advanced students alike to reap the full benefits of their practice. Barbara currently teaches Hatha, Power and Pre-Natal Yoga at Open Doors in Hanover, Hingham, & Duxbury-- and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga for the town of Hingham at their Town Hall.


Michelle Grigalunas

Michelle holds a Masters in Education, and Counseling Psychology. She is trained and employed as a Mental Health Counselor specializing in integrating both eastern and western philosophies within her treatment modalities to gain great grounds in regulating stress, anxiety, depression, grief and PTSD. As a devoted mind-body practitioner, her personal transformative experience led her overcome many limitations and  to live a more conscious life. Similar to the rigor her academia required, she is enthusiastic has enormous admiration around her continued study among many of the finest yogis, teaches and healers. It has been a natural part of her journey to combine her talent as a teacher, educator, counselor, consultant with her passion for yoga. She designs classes to create and hold "safe space" so practitioners come to their mat with a light heart and experience not only the physical roots of yoga, but an awakening to the subtle levels of the body.  She integrates, the body, mindfulness, pranayama, into a moving mediation.  Her students are empowered to seek within themselves the truth about who they really are; magnificent beings who already possess everything they need to support the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Through encouraging the pause, possessing a Big Heart, trusting the transformational power of yoga, and supporting others, she welcomes all students seeking a higher level of conscious living, paving the pathway to ones true dharma (purpose).

Julie Hoffman Hogan 

I began coming to yoga as a way to get into shape after 4 kids and 5 knee surgeries on the same knee. I was always in the gym doing one workout or another: running, spinning, step, biking, you name it, but my knee was constantly swollen and sore. Once I began yoga, I learned how to listen to my body. I have gained more strength in my muscles and joints and hardly ever experience the amount of pain that I was once in continually. I am now an official yoga-holic! I love that no matter what shape you are in there is always something that you can do in any class. I, myself, am on a journey of self discovery through yoga that has brought me to share what I am learning with others. I have graduated from the Open Doors Teacher Training Program. I am hoping you will allow me the privilege of guiding you on your own personal journey.


Jennifer Juenemann

Jennifer’s yoga journey began 14 years ago in Boulder, Colorado with an intense and intimate yoga and meditation practice. As an undergraduate she fell in love with the philosophies of the east and began a journey of self-discovery that spanned continents and also brought her inward to realms of mind, body and soul. After traveling overseas and living and practicing yoga in Australia, New Zealand and Spain she returned to her New England roots and found the path to yoga teacher through an intensive 8-month training at Open Doors Studio in 2017. Jennifer has also attained the First Degree in Reiki through the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage of natural healing. Jennifer’s classes focus on breath and flow, moving the body with strength, integrity and fluidity as a means to reach stillness in the mind and uncover the peace within.

Stephanie Kelly Coggins (Sub)

Stephanie Kelly Coggins, RYT 200, started her yogi path in 2013 when two friends invited her to a hot power yoga class and she hasn't turned back! She graduated from Open Doors Yoga Studios Teacher Program in 2016 and has been teaching ever since. She believes the power of yoga is within the breath and then comes the physical strength within our bodies. Her classes focus on finding the importance of breath and becoming aware of the consciousness state of mind. Classes will be playful, challenging, and rewarding both mentally and physically. 


Amy Lunderville

Amy has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. During that time she discovered that it remarkably strengthened her experience of the mind-body connection. She decided to become a teacher in order to share this with others and to delve deeper into her own practice. Amy is a kind, compassionate teacher who creates a safe and sacred place for her yoga students. Her classes focus on breath awareness in order to empower her students' intuitive confidence. As students develop this intuition they move more easily toward self-acceptance and contentment on the mat during their yoga practice and in the world outside the studio. Her classes focus on alignment in order to balance inner stillness with physical activity. A safe, fluid, slow moving vinyasa designed to be accessible for all levels. Most recently Amy has discovered Aerial Yoga. In 2016 she decided to get certified to teach AIReal Yoga™ with founder Carmen Curtis. Carmen has worked diligently with the Yoga Alliance to create 108 postures that are safe and structurally sound for the body to practice regularly for a lifetime. There is a mis-perception that Aerial Yoga is a ‘trick’ based practice that replicates the Aerial Arts or Cirque. AIReal Yoga™ is a healing and strengthening practice that will change your body, mind and soul in the most positive ways. This practice will strengthen and align your body into a longer, stronger, more blissful you! She graduated from Rolf Gates’ Advanced 500 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2014. Not only did she mentor with Rolf, but Jacqui Bonwell and David Vendetti were also an integral part of the 500 hour training. She graduated from Open Doors 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training program in 2009 and has since then completed Nikki Myers' Teacher Training in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery, the Open Doors School of Energy Healing program, Joanna Welch’s Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, and she is a First Degree Reiki practitioner. She balances her time between teaching yoga and her role as Creative Director in a corporate setting. She is a photographer, designer, teacher and a student of life, and continues her study of yoga at home and in the various studios on the South Shore and Boston.


Caitlin Mahoney

Caitlin completed her 200 hour teacher training through Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, MA and is grateful to have found a new passion in teaching yoga to adults and children of all ages. “What nourishes the imagination? Probably more than anything else , loving adults who encourage the imaginative play of children’s own making.” - Fred RodgersI absolutely love teaching children yoga and seeing what joy and wisdom they carry into the room with their own imaginative thoughts and ideas about yoga, mindfulness and play. You never know what they will bring to the mat so every class is new and informative to both the students and the instructor. By learning from one another we create a space where curiosity and self confidence can to grow. Yoga and mindfulness practice for your child or teen can help with improved focus in the classroom, reduce stress in social situations and increase flexibility both on and off of the sports field. I hope to create a safe space where youth can find compassion for themselves and others and feel confident in their own skin through self awareness. Selfishly, working with kids keeps me young at heart and they constantly remind me to live in the moment. Let’s play!

Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn was introduced to yoga 7 years ago after decades of what she calls “fickle” fitness programs. Yoga presented a program beyond physical fitness that resonated with her natural energy, enthusiasm and perspective. She teaches Fluid Yoga, a style developed by Kevan Gale. She is passionate about teaching and believes in the ability of the practice of yoga and meditation to transform lives. Carolyn is the founder of project Own Your OM, dedicated to the growth of strong bodies, minds, and spirits.


Keri Mega

After spending her adult life as an enthusiastic athlete and fitness instructor, Keri inexplicably lost her eyesight. Blindness deepened her spiritual journey, and when her vision miraculously returned, yoga started to transform her life in a major way. In 2006, she traveled to China to study yoga, pranayama and meditation with SchoolYoga Institute. It was during that summer that her love for the physical practice, as a means to uncovering profound truths, grew. Recently, Keri has enhanced her education by enrolling in Kripalu’s 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training, and completing Transformational Meditation with Jonathan Foust, Advanced Asanas with Michelle Dalbec, and Leading Vinyasa with Coby Kozlowski. Keri’s teaching style strives to inspire freedom through mindful movements that nourish inner strength and encourage acceptance.

Izzy Ortigoza

I live for the joy of life, and to help others achieve love and peace from within. I’ve been an ACE certified personal trainer and Barre fitness instructor since 2014, and completed my Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course, in May 2016, through Balance Studio Cohasset. As a former gymnast and dancer, my passion for movement paired with the curiosity of mind-body connection, grew into my love for yoga. At the University of Massachusetts Boston I minored in ballet and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Business Management. The first time I stepped on my mat was in 2011 and shifted my perspective on life for the better. I love what I do and the feeling that yoga and living a healthy, active lifestyle has given me. I hope to share this feeling with you and inspire you to live and be love. 


Susan Parnell

I started practicing yoga before I understood what yoga could really do for the body. It is all about increasing strength, balance & flexibility. Gaining a sense of inner peace. For me yoga is a connection of the mind, body & breathe. I completed my 200 Hr Certification with Sacred Space. I started teaching the next week & have never been happier. I love to watch the stress melt away from my students as the Practice & leave feeling so joyful!  Namaste~

Lyn Pompeo  

I am forever thankful to the dear friend that introduced me to yoga decades ago. The journey started slowly but eventually led me to the Open Doors Teacher Training program in 2006 led by Richard Lanza and Shawn Cornelison. I entered the program with absolutely no intention to actually teach yoga asana, but as life sometimes goes I have not stopped teaching since completing my 200hr. As a vinyasa lover I teach a very breath centered class. My intention as a teacher is for students to find their own way through the postures with breath and lightness, maybe a little bit of laughter and a challenge along the way. The practice of yoga is constantly changing for me and I have been extremely fortunate that the right teachers have come into my life at the right time. I am so so grateful for these teachers and this practice that has changed my life and intend to keep it going, with teachers new and old for years to come.

Jessica Rosenthal

I have been an athletic person for most of my life enjoying soccer and dance. Close to 10 years ago I found yoga and started attending classes whenever I could. In 2014 I found myself feeling a bit disconnected from my mind and body. I turned to yoga and it brought me back to my center. The personal results I felt were so amazing that I decided sign up for a YTT. I earned my 200hr certification through Open Doors in 2016 and most recently a 300hr certification with Simon Borg-Olivier in Bali! My goal teaching yoga is for my students to enjoy the feeling each posture gives them and the journey in between. Breathing naturally and moving from the core are key aspects I bring to my classes.

Susan Tucker (Hingham Studio Franchise Owner)

Susan Tucker has worked in physical fitness for over 12 years as a certified personal trainer and group exercise/spinning instructor. Connecting to the need for a more spiritual lifestyle and a gentler way to strengthen and create a more flexible body, she started to teach and practice hatha yoga. For 10 years she has taught hatha yoga and for the last 5 years she concentrated on power yoga. She is also on the faculty of the National Yoga Alliance, Power Yoga Certification Program through Open Doors.


Ramsey Violette

Hi my name is Ramsey and I am a handstand addict. I began practicing various martial arts at about the age of 9. (Judo, Tai Chi, Tangsudo, Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) When I was in my 30’s the universe introduced me to yoga and it was love at first chaturanga. I do not consider myself a martial artist anymore than I consider myself a yogi. I would say above all else I am a “mover” I simply love to move my body. I’m that ADD kid who could never sit still in school. Every single day I practice anything and everything from martial arts to yoga, acrobatics, calisthenics, and animal flow, (I also love to dubstep and crunk dance when no one is watching) I like to use my knowledge of various movement modalities to help me create asana sequences that are challenging, imaginative, and fun. I stress one main point in my teachings. Yoga is not a look, yoga is a feeling. There are many paths up the mountain and there is no such thing as the best asana or the perfect form. If we have fun and you leave class feeling just a little better than when you walked in, as far as I’m concerned we did yoga right.

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