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Katie Ballantine

Katie has been practicing yoga through various stages of her life, and is drawn to the sense of calm that she finds on the mat. She has always been amazed how a yoga flow can provide one with what they need-physically, mentally emotionally or spiritually-if they are just willing to try it! Katies desire to share this passion for yoga led her to become an instructor, and in 2019 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Open Doors. Katie is also certified in Yin Yoga and looks forward to finishing a Yoga for anxiety training. As a busy mom of two Katie’s practice provides her with a sense of returning to self and mindfulness that pours off the mat and into her everyday life. Katie enjoys sharing yoga as a tool for others to heal and expand their mind, while bringing strength and vitality to their body. Her classes provide a comfortable environment, focusing on gentle, mindful movement to those of all levels. Katie encourages people to come to class as they are and leave with a sense of who they are!


Missy Capodilupo

Missy Capodilupo

In 2012, Missy completed her 200-hour RYT teacher training at Innerlight Center for Yoga and Meditation in Middletown, RI. The class was lead by two of the most inspirational & radiant teachers: Liz Lindh & Patti Doyle. She is grateful for all of the wonderful people she shared this experience with. It is through their grace and wisdom that she learned the transformational power of yoga. Her goal is to help students find grace and stillness, strength and agility while igniting breath and movement as one. Practicing yoga is a journey that will allow your mind to relax and your heart to shine, on and off your mat! Emphasis is placed on intention to guide the practitioner through a uniquely personal yoga experience.


Meghan Carroll

Meghan Carroll  

Meghan Carroll has been practicing yoga for 4 years. She has been involved in sports and fitness for most of her life. A competitive tennis player in high school and college. She has a degree in exercise science and personal training certification through ACSM. Meghan has been working in corporate fitness for the past 9 years. Initially drawn to yoga for the physical aspect, she was amazed by the mental and spiritual benefits of a regular practice. The desire to help others discover these benefits led her to enroll in the Open Doors teacher training program. Meghan hopes to share some of the joy that yoga has brought to her with her students.


Sarah Cartullo  

Sarah's yoga journey began as a personal way to stretch and move her physical body. Teaching for almost 10 years multiple fitness formats in group classes, ranging from Zumba to weight training, she felt her own body needing something more. Not sure what that more was exactly, she stepped into her first vinyasa yoga class and felt immediately at home. 3 years later she found herself completing her 200hr yoga teacher training at Chakra Power Yoga with a deep desire to share her passion with others. She feels that yoga not only brings physical strength but a deep spiritual connection and internal power that can trickle down to all other aspects of life. Her class is playful and chocked full of feel good energy and upbeat challenging flows all while keeping a balance of stillness and rooted personal connection. She loves encouraging her students to find creativity on their mat, let go of a need for perfection and really connect with body and breath through each flow.


Alexa DiStefano 

Alexa is trained as a RYT-200 and a licensed massage therapist. Through her deep understanding of anatomy, she cultivates classes that restore balance in the body, while calming the mind. She is passionate about creating a sanctuary where healing can take place. Alexa completed her 200 hour teacher training with Coral Brown at All That Matters in Wakefield, Rhode Island.


Taylor Ewing  

Taylor studied Integrative Vinyasa under Coral Brown at All That Matters in South Kingstown, RI, and continues to be a student of various styles including restorative, kundalini, and vinyasa. I'm particularly interested in dreamy, individual-centered yoga with specific attention to alignment. Playfulness and experimentation help guide us to our authentic selves. I believe weaving together asana, breath, and uplifting language results in multifaceted healing and growth. We'll learn together in a safe, free-spirited space supported by the tradition of yoga.


Chrystie Hasenfuss

Chrystie Hasenfuss 

Chrystie began a committed yoga practice in 2011.  Originally showing up purely for the workout, Chrystie quickly began to experience a multi-layered, mind and body shift, on and off the mat.  With full focus on connecting breath to specific movement, her racing mind quieted, anxiety lessened, and lightness and joy filtered in. Chrystie followed her heart and become a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) at Wayland Square Power Yoga in Providence, RI.  She continues to strengthen body and mind through regular practice, and seeks to help others enjoy the many benefits of yoga through her teaching. Chrystie runs a graphic design business and treasures time with her husband and two little boys.  She is an art lover, enjoys live music with her husband, and is a huge fan of the beach and lakes.

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Erica Hermanson 

Erica is known to crack jokes and offer her own blend of bubbly energy to each class. Her classes are designed to help her students achieve a level of clarity that’s lost throughout the busy, fast-paced commotion of the day. As she also works in social media marketing she is well versed in understanding the importance of separating yourself from outside stimuli and taking time to reconnect to yourself and your breath.

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Kara Immonen 

Kara is a graduate of the Open Doors 200-Hour Teacher Training Program. She has been a teacher in the public schools for many years and has been practicing of yoga since college. Her philosophy of yoga is that it is accessible for every body. She believes that through practice, what we can manifest in the physical body, such as ease, flexibility, and strength, we can eventually find in the mind and spirit. Kara hopes to help every student find the yoga that fits them. The yoga that allows them to grow from within and accept all aspects of themselves. Her hope is that every student will embrace the practice of yoga and trust in its power to transform the body, mind and spirit.

Wendy LaFrance

Wendy LaFrance 

I have been practicing yoga for 4 1/2 years. Immediately after my breast cancer diagnosis in May 2008, I was in search of healing and peace. I was also seeking a way to "get out of my head" for a bit everyday. I found exactly that in yoga. I completed my 200 hour RYT training and became certified through the Yoga Alliance. I decided to complete the training so I would be able to share the beautiful experience of yoga with others. I love yoga and all the gifts that come from yoga...strength, power, peace, healing, breathing, blessings, clarity and a more pure state of mind that empowers me to be the person that I am. I am also Usui Reiki I certified and believe in the powerful, natural healing of Reiki and life force energy. Today, I am healed, whole and healthy and give thanks and gratitude to yoga and energy healing.


Jason Marcure 

I view my adult life as having three distinct parts. Part one was my 3 years as an active duty soldier in the Army. Part two was the period after I started learning/practicing martial arts. Part began three years ago after my first yoga class. Yoga has provided a context for me to evolve as a human. A way for me to codify my previous life's journeys into something relatable, allowing me to fully reflect upon Me, and what makes me tick. This has led me to deeper relationships with so many people. Last year I decided to change my path and make teaching and living a healthy life my focus. My first step on this new journey is in completing my 200 hr certification so I can teach yoga.


Michelle Marini O'Brien

Hi Michelle here! I earned my Sculpt certification from Core Power in Colorado. My background is in athletics: triathlon racing, powerlifting, snowboarding, wakeboarding and more- I love being active and trying new sports! My class offers a challenging and empowering environment. Yoga integrated with awesome music and light weights will sculpt and tone the body. Come sweat with me- let’s have some fun!

Shauna McDonough

Shauna spent her younger years as a competitive gymnast. She began her yoga practice for fun knowing that the strength and flexibility she gained from years of gymnastics would be helpful. After a few classes, she realized yoga was much more than a physical workout. It became something that was more than just getting into pretzel shapes and handstands like she thought. It was the profound mental and spiritual aspects of yoga that truly fascinated her. Shauna strives to create a yoga practice for her clients that builds a relationship between body, mind, and breath. Yoga realigns the body to reduce physical pain and discomfort while freeing the mind from negative feelings allowing a feeling of calm, focus and contentment. Shauna is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher through yogaspirit®.

Susan Maysmith

Susan has worked in physical fitness for over 30 years as a certified personal trainer and group exercise/spinning instructor. Connecting to the need for a more spiritual lifestyle and a gentler way to create a stronger & more flexible body, she started to teach and practice yoga. For 28 years she has taught hatha yoga and power yoga (she studied with Beryl Bender Birch). In addition to Hot Power Yoga her favorite classes are Renew & Restore Flexibility and Restore & Relax Spa Yoga, but she still enjoys Muscle Conditioning, Zumba and Step aerobics all taught at her studio. Susan was the previous owner of The Hingham Open Doors studio.

Laurie Mcdonald

Laurie Mcdonald,  Easton Studio Franchise Owner

Laurie Mcdonald has over 20 years of experience in many aspects of the fitness industry. Laurie’s fitness career is what lead her to find her passion personally and professionally for yoga. Her knowledge and experience in fitness and yoga have most certainly complimented all the different style classes she teaches today.  Laurie previously owned Open Doors Yoga Canton and currently remains the owner of Open Doors Easton.  


Cindi Powell

Cindi found yoga about six years ago. Having always been an active and fit person, she was initially drawn to yoga for the physical aspect. She realized quickly it was not only a physical activity, but an amazing practice for the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has helped Cindi heal and grow as a person and she wishes to help her students fall in love with the practice as much as she has. Cindi is getting her Masters in Nutrition at Framingham State University to become a registered dietitian. She is here to help guide her students towards a healthy balanced lifestyle through movement, breath, and mindfulness.

Scarlett Stanhope

Scarlett is a recent graduate of the 200hr Open Doors Teacher Training program. In her own practice, she has been well versed in a variety of yoga styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin. Scarlett is passionate about combining all aspects of yoga, mental, spiritual, and physical to find balance in the body, heart, and mind. She loves teaching fellow yogi's to cultivate ease and flow both on and off the mat.

Jovan Tevin

Seamlessly intune with the mind, body, spirit connection throughout childhood. Jovan turned to Yoga during the most difficult time when this connection felt lost due to a chronic shoulder dislocation. An injury that not only limited him physically but as an individual as well. The injury that lead him to this profound practice of yoga to get back to the child within. Jovan achieved his 200 Hr certification while traveling to Koh Samui, Thailand. Jovan offers any practitioner to allow themselves to experience their internal space for what it is, by combining self inquiry, with physically demanding sequencing and subtle integration of chakras; with a deep connection in the practices of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin. Jovans mantra is "Self discipline is an act of self love" and when we move with meditation, unconditional self love is built.