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Katie Ballantine

Katie has been practicing yoga through various stages of her life, and is drawn to the sense of calm that she finds on the mat. She has always been amazed how a yoga flow can provide one with what they need-physically, mentally emotionally or spiritually-if they are just willing to try it! Katie's desire to share this passion for yoga led her to become an instructor, and in 2019 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Open Doors. Katie is also certified in Yin Yoga and looks forward to finishing a Yoga for anxiety training. As a busy mom of two Katie’s practice provides her with a sense of returning to self and mindfulness that pours off the mat and into her everyday life. Katie enjoys sharing yoga as a tool for others to heal and expand their mind, while bringing strength and vitality to their body. Her classes provide a comfortable environment, focusing on gentle, mindful movement to those of all levels. Katie encourages people to come to class as they are and leave with a sense of who they are!

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Linda Hayden

Linda began practicing yoga in 2003, as a healthy way to manage stress. She fell in love with how yoga works every part of the body, from the inside out. As she continued to explore the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga, Linda experienced an improvement in her overall health. Her desire to become a better student, and her passion to share the benefits of yoga with others, inspired her to participate in the Open Doors 200 Hour Teacher Training Program. Linda leads a breath-focused, safe alignment-based class. She encourages students to honor where they are in their practice and to journey on their own individual yogic paths without expectation. Linda is additionally certified in YogaFit, PIYO and Children/Teens Yoga.

Paige Hogg 

Ever since her first yoga class, Paige knew yoga was special and sacred. She loves how yoga is always there for you; it's something you can put down and pick back up when you need it. Paige completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2021 so she can help spread the magic of the practice. In Paige's class, you'll experience slow, intentional movements and relaxing vibes.


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Shawna Laplante

Namaste, I’m Shawna! I am an environmentalist, a proponent of the inner, infinite self, and a yoga and fitness enthusiast. I’ve been practicing yoga since 2014, but it wasn’t until my first reiki attunement in 2019 that I was awakened to the idea of spiritual and emotional healing. I aim to provide a safe and welcoming space for all bodies in my Vinyasa yoga classes. Vinyasa, meaning moving the body with the breath, allows us to stay present in the moment. Connecting with the breath and consciously tuning into the body will bring a surprising sense of calm to the mind, developing ease and strength in our practice. I hope to be a positive light and guide for you in this union that is yoga!


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Kim Lawlor

I started my journey with yoga in 2007 practicing to videos on demand in my living room when my two sons were very little and it was difficult for me to get to any group exercise classes. I immediately noticed the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of my practice and began attending in studio classes as soon as it was feasible for my family. Over the years, yoga has helped me through times of life's struggles while continuing to offer enormous wholesome health benefits. I decided to further my practice by enrolling in the summer intensive yoga teacher training at Open Doors in 2021. I teach functional movements and mindful yoga flows that build strength and wellness while providing students with a safe and comfortable space to further their individual yoga practice.


Jennifer Mahoney

Jennifer (CYT 200) creates a very calm, safe, and supportive environment in her yoga classes. As an Occupational Therapist Assistant, her nurturing side aids practitioners into encouraging asanas and therapeutic breathwork. She studied with Kitsy Mayo for a certification in Reiki I and Reiki II and brings positive energy through hands on assist. In 2009 Jennifer received her certificate in Positional Therapy Level 1 with Lee Albert at the Kripalu Center. She is currently embarking on her next step in her yogic journey by starting her 300-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training.

Donna Melchionno

Donna Melchionno 

My love for yoga began over 15 years ago when I took a yoga class at the recommendation of a massage therapist. Nervous and not knowing what to expect I made it through that first class and I was immediately hooked and inspired. I knew yoga would always be a part of my life. Fast forward 15 years, I enrolled in the Open Doors 200-hour YTT program and graduated in 2018. As a Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance I am excited for this new chapter. My classes are a moderate traditional Vinyasa/power style flow that is adaptable for all students focusing on breath to movement. As a certified Reiki II practitioner in Usui Reiki Healing I like to bring positive energy through hands on assist and the use of essential oils in my classes. I hope to see you on your mat soon. Namaste.

Cara Orsie

Cara Orsie

I have been practicing yoga off and on for about 14 years. After quitting smoking cigarettes and gaining 30 lbs 4 years ago, I was looking to fill a void I felt with a new and healthy routine. Two years ago I began a daily practice which unexpectedly, has changed my life in so many great and profound ways. In the Summer of 2017, I decided to take the plunge and become a yoga instructor to share my experience with others and so far, I have been enjoying every second of it! My teaching style will give you a challenge, but you'll leave every class with a feeling of accomplishment and relaxation.

Nicole Panaggio

Nicole Panaggio 

After years of wanting to try yoga but feeling intimidated, Nicole took her first class and was hooked. Her yoga journey has changed her life dramatically. She completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Open Doors Yoga Studios in 2017, making her goal in teaching to give people the same benefits she got out of yoga. She believes in the mind-body connection through yoga. She doesn't take herself too seriously and allows herself to be real in her classes. Her classes are fun, enjoyable, and a great stretch.

Sharon Peterson

Sharon Peterson 

Physical fitness and nutrition have been my passion for more than 25 years. Going into my first yoga class, I never gave any thought to what the practice of yoga could do for me internally and mindfully. When I began to dabble in yoga, I did so for physical reasons; I struggled with low back problems from an early age. The courage to try yoga didn’t come easy. My chiropractor lightheartedly told me I would never be able to do yoga, not because he felt I was physically incapable, but because he didn’t feel I could relax my mind and body long enough to get through a class. Now, 15 years later, I’ve completed Open Doors 200 Hour YTT training program, I’m sharing the many benefits of yoga with others, and I very rarely see my chiropractor. I no longer practice yoga as a means of physical fitness; I practice for inner peace and the ongoing benefits that extend far beyond my mat. My goal for my students is to lead them through a safe asana practice, empowering them to recognize and honor their body’s limitations, while focusing on the breath and maintaining the connection of breath to movement.

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Janine Sims

Very nice to meet you. My name is Janine! Simply put, yoga makes me feel good! I can be gentle or challenge myself, all while gaining the many benefits of the practice as well as maintaining a kindness and respect for my body, imperfections and all. I decided to take a chance on myself at a time when I was so lost and felt helpless. Last year I finished my 200YTT at Open Doors. By finding yoga I found calm, strength, and comfort which has put me on a brighter path!!! My daily practice has been a form of self care which we all deserve. So, take a chance. Meet you on the Mat.

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Kristen VanNess

Kristen VanNess is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher who completed her 200 hr. certification at Power Yoga of Cape Cod in the Spring of 2013. Her classes are energizing, leaving you feeling blissful and full of life. Kristen will lead you through a flow of poses suitable for students of all ages and levels, providing modifications for different intensities. Whether it is your first time on a mat or you are looking to intensify your yoga experience, Kristen is committed to improving your physical and mental well-being with her breadth of knowledge and welcoming personality.

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Sandra Weston

I began practicing yoga several years ago to compliment my training in tae kwon do. What started out as an activity to increase flexibility and balance, quickly transformed into an inward exploration where I’ve found stillness of mind, a peaceful heart, fluidity in my physical practice, and contentment within myself. My yoga practice coincides with the discipline required to practice and excel in martial arts. Practicing both has taught me to look deep inside to find focus, patience, and clarity of mind through the strength of my body. With a deep desire to continue growing in both practices, I tested for my 3 rd Dan in June of 2016, and completed a 200-hour Teacher Training, becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher in December of the same year. My sincere hope is to share the many amazing gifts that both my practices had given me to all who are willing join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery, one breath at a time. Namaste and Ki-Hap!