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Heather Allen (Also Plymouth Studio)

Growing up Heather was always interested in trying new athletic challenges, from softball to gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and track. By the time she graduated college however, exercise was merely a means to stay fit. She first stepped onto a yoga mat in 2005 and started her teacher training the following year though Finding Inner Peace and Healing Tree Yoga in Quincy where she completed her 200 hour certification. Yoga has brought her peace and strength as well as an amazing appreciation of movement and motion. Each breath, each pose, each stretch is such gift! Heather's classes strive to be creative, flowing, and challenging while still honoring one's own body.

Beverly Bielewicz

It took me sixteen years of dreaming, and four years of planning, to become a yoga instructor.

My classes are open-hearted, friendly, and accessible to all; my teaching style mirrors my personality. I love creating community through yoga. My inclusive style of instruction invites students to explore movement and breath with safe physical alignment and energetic awareness, allowing participants to discover their own peace, power, and presence. I believe that the practice of yoga teaches us skills to become compassionate citizens of the world.

RYT500 Sacred Seeds Yoga, Jacqui Bonwell, 2017

RYT200, Open Doors Power Yoga, 2015

Certifications: Yin Yoga, SPA Yoga, Balanced Athlete Level 1, Reiki I

Additional training hours in teaching yoga to beginners.

Judith Hanson Lasater Restorative Yoga Certification, anticipated June 2018.


Lauren Champagne

Yoga has such an inspiring and positive influence on my life. I have found strength and balance in mind, body, and spirit, while cultivating optimism and happiness that follows me off my mat wherever I go. I hope to guide other yogis through a practice that brings them to a place of bliss, gratitude, and peace! I am so thankful for the practice of yoga, for it is truly a gift. Namaste!


Andrea Chase (also Hingham & Norwell Studios)

Andrea was fortunate to discover yoga in 1991 as a young woman living in Santa Barbara, CA. Certified in 2006 through the 200 hour, nationally registered Finding Inner Peace school in  Weymouth and as a Reiki 1 Practitioner through the Usui Reiki Ryoho lineage in 2017, Andrea has been a dedicated student of Anusara, Asthanga and Hatha yoga and continues to study with renowned yoga masters during her travels to California and Colorado, Having studied  meditation and yoga in California with  both John Friend and  Eric Shiffmann, she hopes to inspire friends and students to stay on the path of yoga through her creative, playful and compassionate sequencing  as she works with and welcomes all to her classes. Striving to promote a development of inner and outer strength, contentment and joy, she also believes that the practice helps us to rise about the challenges of our modern day competitive and sometimes stressful culture while coming back to the heart and empathy for one another. Her classes include a clear foundation in anatomy, proper alignment to prevent injury,  nurturing hands on adjustments and playful, thoughtful, sequencing she understands that  yoga is a road to reduction in injuries, illness, and anxiety. A passionate tennis player, runner, skiier and truly kind friend, Andrea welcomes you to her classes and hopes to share her love of yoga to those she meets on their mats. 


Karen Donahue (Also Weymouth Studio)

I was first introduced to the practice of yoga in 2007 after a long struggle with daily seizures and brain surgeries. I felt very vulnerable—like I was taking a “leap of faith.” I showed up for my first time on my mat with no idea what I was in for, but I knew I needed to do something. Since that Sunday, there was no looking back. My seizures went from every day to one every couple months. A miracle! At the time I was still unable to drive, so each time I found my way to my mat once a week a sense of total freedom washed over me. As a runner, I was not there for the physical, so instead the internal work began, the healing began, getting to know who I am began. Six months later I found myself seizure-free and with my driver’s license. The power of the mind, body and spirit yoked together was happening … and the bonus? It was a great workout, too! The yoga practice has been transformative for me. I now have a strong desire—a passion—to share the gift of the practice with others. 


I graduated from the Open Doors 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program in 2009 and have been teaching ever since. I’ve explored many teaching modalities and enjoy mixing things up. I’m certified in Power Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Brain Therapy, Kids’ Yoga, Reiki 1, and the School of Energy Healing. I’ve incorporated meditation, slow flow, and other techniques to my group classes as well as the therapeutic teaching I’ve done in day programs for adults with severe disabilities. My experience includes teaching both kids and adults, power yoga from beginners to experienced yogis, as well as teaching students to become instructors. My belief system: Yoga is Therapy.  Nothing in life stays the same, so this is a constant reminder to allow the yoga experience to be accessible to the students in front of me with unique bodies and unique needs that can shift daily. I strive to keep my class flowing for the student who wants to be pushed to the edge, the student recovering from health issues needing variations, and the student looking to just breathe and be still. I believe the more curve balls life throws us, the easier it becomes to transition to what is needed. Although I have taught under many instructors—some who have really helped mold my teaching style, Richard Lanza, Shawn Cornelison and Joanne Flaherty—my greatest teachers have been the students in front of me. Each day I am learning. It is a give-and-take relationship, and one I cherish. As an instructor, my job is to create space and a solid foundation so the students can let go and find freedom within themselves … a transformation. The yoga taught on the mat can be taken off the mat, allowing us all to re-enter the world with a sense of well-being. I believe we as students have the opportunity to create a toolbox during our yoga practice to be tapped into during our daily lives—any time things get stormy or we need to refuel and replenish. Yes, yoga is constant work. We can have setbacks, too, when we are out of balance—but such beautiful outcomes awaits us as we each evolve along our own personal yoga journey. I’m available for both private sessions and group classes. I look forward to guiding you and witnessing the power of our thoughts connected to our physical bodies, the yoga practice can be transformative for you, too.  


Sam Dormandy

Mind, body and spirit flowing with grace.  Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Sam’s journey began in a prenatal yoga class in 2002.  As a lifelong equestrian accustomed to galloping 1200 pound horses over jumps, pregnancy compelled a less “exciting” outlet.  Yoga provided a new perspective.  Bridging mind, body and spirit, both on and off the mat.  What began as a whim evolved into a most welcomed and needed discovery that has changed her life.  Her yoga journey has continued, leading her on a path of passion and wellness. Sam completed her 200 hour certification, as well as a children’s yoga teacher certification, through Open Doors Power Yoga in 2012.  In her professional life, Sam has a B.S. in Education from Boston University and currently works in the Duxbury school system.  Her solid background of education combined with yoga instruction is enhanced by her years of experience as a certified Pilates instructor.  Her intention is to provide modifications and variations to a wide range of abilities, allowing each student to attain their personal goals and encourage growth of their practice.  She strives for a welcoming class environment, where students can practice flow at their own pace in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere.  Join Sam to tame your stress.  Come get your Om on!


Jenn Dunn

Jenn Dunn (RYT500, E-RYT200, YACEP, PhD) sees yoga as a lifelong practice and path to uncovering clarity, gratitude, and the intelligence of nature inherent in all of us. She is yoga teacher, partner in Three Streams Yoga, and member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In 2016 she was initiated into the Tantra Sri Vidya lineage and began the ParaYoga Master Level Training with Rod Stryker. She also holds certifications in vinyasa, yin, and yoga's therapeutic applications. Her experience includes teaching yoga and meditation for studios, schools, and corporate environments, and mentoring in both the yoga and academic worlds. Her continuing yoga studies focus on philosophy (800-hour certification), Tantra, and Ayurveda. In her life off the mat, she teaches literature courses for Oxford University, UK, and reads and researches nature writing. She brings her passion for the arts, the environment, and lifelong learning to the yoga practice. Jenn lives in New England with her husband, Ian, also a yoga instructor.


Tammy Friend (Also Plymouth Studio)

I began practicing hot power yoga in 2007 while trying to rehab a knee injury. I fell in love with the physical demands of the practice and the mental peace it brought to my hectic life. Wanting to give back to the community that had given so much to me, I began teaching in 2011. I have been blessed to study with some truly amazing well-known teachers: Sadie Nardini and Baron Baptiste. As well as some master teachers from my roots in Upstate NY. In 2013 I moved from Saratoga, NY to Duxbury, Ma where I discovered Open Doors. I am thrilled to now be a part of the amazing teaching staff.


Barbara Froio (Also Hingham & Norwell Studios)

Barbara Froio, CYT, is a graduate of an intensive 8 month national yoga alliance certification program through Open Doors. As a mother of two, she first became interested in yoga after the birth of her first child. Through Yoga, Barbara continues to grow and learn the importance of love, living truth and letting go. She uses her expansive knowledge by modifying or varying postures allowing beginners and advanced students alike to reap the full benefits of their practice. Barbara currently teaches Hatha, Power and Pre-Natal Yoga at Open Doors in both Weymouth and Braintree and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga for the town of Hingham at their Town Hall.


Susanne Hallisay (Also Norwell Studio)

Susanne Hallisey RN BSN, RYT completed the Power Yoga Teacher Training program at Open Doors in 2007. She feels that yoga is an amazing practise and she shares her enthusiasm and passion for yoga with her students. Soon after her first power yoga class she discovered that yoga could help to stretch and strengthen not only her body, but her mind and spirit as well. She believes strongly in the healing power of yoga. She is also a Registered Nurse who works with special needs students.


Karen Hoogendijk

Karen has been an AFAA certified fitness instructor since 1988, as well as an avid runner. She moved to the South Shore from San DIego in 2007 . The many years of hard core exercise and miles of running were wearing her body down and she knew that she needed a kinder, gentler way of staying in shape. She had limited experience with yoga, until she did a team challenge at a local health club. Karen took her first vinyasa yoga class in 2011 and considered it one of the most humbling experiences of her life. After that one class, she was hooked. She recognizes yoga as a benefit for both mind and body. Now with her 200 hr yoga teacher training completed, she hopes her enthusiasm for yoga will be contagious to her students. Namaste

Kim Howard

Kim left a career in corporate HR and Law to focus on bringing more balance into her own life. After practicing yoga regularly for over 5 years, Kim took a leap to the other side of the mat to better align her livelihood with her passion for teaching, fitness and mindfulness. She first turned to yoga as a way to both recover and stay in shape when an injury derailed her running, and in addition to the changes in her body, she loved the changes in her overall sense of calm. In addition to running and yoga, Kim is an avid hiker and loves the great outdoors. She completed her 200 hour certification through Open Doors Yoga Studios. She also teaches graduate school and still does some consulting. Kim lives in Hanover with her son Dylan and their rescue pup Susana.

Biliana Mihaylova (Sub)

My lifelong journey with yoga began in high school. I remember the exact moment that I realized the amazing effects of yoga: there was physical exhaustion, but there was also space in my body, and more importantly, space in my mind. I came back to my mat time and time again throughout college, a master’s degree, and other life changing events. Ultimately, I chose to deepen my practice due to a foot injury that left me unable to run for the better part of a year. I completed my 200-hour certification in Power Vinyasa in 2014 at Core Power Yoga in Medford, MA. Yoga can be a belief, an activity, and a home. No matter what happens, you can always go to your mat and no matter how many times you leave, you can always come back. As a teacher, I aim to fill the room with positive energy and focus on the long term benefits of consistent practice. I enjoy guiding fellow yogis through fluid movement and hope to continue to learn from the process of teaching.

Susan McDonough (Also Norwell Studio)

After almost 20 years of teaching fitness classes, and an extremely active lifestyle, I took to my mat after a severe hamstring and subsequent lower back injury laid me low. I had hopes that yoga would help speed the recovery of my body, and prevent further injury. I never expected the profound impact it would have on my life both physically and emotionally. In both aspects I am happier, stronger, and calmer. My yoga journey continues as I study with the amazing teachers at Open Doors, and others(eg., Ana Forrest Rolf Gates, Seane Corn) and undergo RYT certification with David Vendetti. My goal is to make every class a special experience for my students that will leave them stronger, energized, and relaxed. See you on the mat.


Whitney Miller

From the first time I stepped foot on the mat, I knew yoga would change my life. Although I have always found physical activity to be therapeutic, nothing has brought me as much joy and fulfillment as yoga. I always look forward to coming to my mat to revamp my energy and positivity, and to allow stress and anxiety to melt away. My practice has changed the way I approach obstacles day to day and taught me how to truly relax and be at peace in a sometimes chaotic world. I believe in maintaining a comfortable and welcoming environment for students of all levels, and encourage everyone to do what is right for their body. I hope that I can inspire and motivate others to bring their best to every moment, both on and off the mat.


Matt Mullen (Instructor & Co-Owner of Weymouth, Duxbury, Norwell Studios)

I am first and foremost a humble healer, a Massage Therapist trained in many modalities, from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Sports Massage. I have been blessed to be a Massage Therapist for over 20 years. In those twenty years I have been honored to work on thousands of clients, priding myself in creating a sanctuary for real and lasting healing to occur.


Ian Pullen & Jenn Dunn

Ian and Jenn are husband-and-wife teachers (RYT 500) based on the South Shore and Cape Cod. They are members of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, registered with Yoga Alliance, and serve as teaching faculty at FRA Registered Yoga School. Ian and Jenn's offerings and studies encompass vinyasa, hatha, yin, meditation, ParaYoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, and yoga's therapeutic applications. Their teachings are rooted in ParaYoga and their own dedicated personal practice. Jenn and Ian view yoga as a lifelong journey and continue their studies through the ParaYoga Master Training with Yogarupa Rod Stryker and an 800-hour program in yoga literature and philosophy. In their classes, you will be guided through meaningful sequencing that helps you move towards deeper awareness, clarity, and calm. In all their offerings, Ian and Jenn strive to honor yoga tradition and their own teaching motto: "intelligent practices for a purposeful life." Learn more at www.threestreamsyoga.com.


Tanya Rossicone

Tanya’s yoga journey began when she was searching for a new hobby as a recent college graduate working full time- who knew 7 years later it would turn into a passion and lifestyle. Tanya’s yoga journey has been significantly beneficial to her life, both physically and mentally. Not only has her physical body benefited from yoga practice but it has also challenged her to become more aware of the present and to live more mindfully. Tanya received her 200-HR teacher training in Goa, India at Upaya Yoga Center. Her goal is to cultivate a safe space full of positive energy that inspires students to find the strength and determination within themselves in order to reach their balance.

Bill Selvitelle (Sub)

I tried Yoga in March of 2013 for the first time with the hope of helping my running aches and pains. I had three marathon's to my credit along with various other running adventure's. I was 54 years old and trying YOGA? What was I thinking, this is for younger folks! I fell in love with Yoga after the first lesson. I was hooked! I thought I would be in a beginning or level 1-2 for years and much to my surprise I moved, at my own pace, and very comfortably into hot power 2-3 class in a short time. You are never too old for anything in life. Its finding the balance in YOU that will make YOU the best YOGIE YOU will be! In June of 2015 I retired from work and started Yoga school with Open Doors in October. The classroom training and support from everyone at Open Doors is fantastic! I blessed to have eight wonderful ladies in my class of all ages and we had a great time becoming our yoga family. Yoga is different for everyone. For me its not about the asana's/moves and the workout, its more about meditation and relaxation and the inner peace that is in each and everyone of us. You need to take the time to explore and experience Yoga.

Lauren (Fawcett) Strachan

It was one awesome day in 1997 when Lauren Fawcett Strachan was introduced to her first yoga class by her now husband in his effort to help her find a means to better living while in painful trenches with her Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Tom had recently moved back from San Francisco where he had found, embraced and began his practice of yoga. She and Tom went to a Barron Baptiste class in Cambridge where Lauren was in incredible pain throughout the class, especially when doing anything involving her wrists. While she would say that her first yoga class was anything but enjoyable there was something powerful that was calling back onto her mat.  She returned to Baptiste Power Yoga for her second class the very next day. This pattern of a love - hate relationship with yoga continued for many weeks but the unquenchable urge to return to the mat, the healing feeling of empowerment with each new class and the wide net of new possibilities and exciting abilities Lauren experienced with every single class were undeniably  profound. Fast forward twenty-years: Lauren has lived, learned, struggled, loved, taught, healed, messed up, made amends, laughed, conquered and, above all else, grown in ways she never knew possible. As part of her narrative she has been blessed with a beautiful marriage to Tom, loved 2 dogs, lived in two states, called three different houses home, been blessed with one amazing daughter, had one hip replacement & one ankle fusion, owned three yoga studios (The Yoga Nook in Kingston & YogaDuzit in Boston & Cambridge), graduated from three yoga teaching courses (Bikram, Tony Sanchez, David Swenson), been honored with 2 yoga teaching awards and most importantly been surrounded and loved by an incredible circle of friends and family all along the way.  Having certified over 60-yoga teachers, worked as a Lululemon ambassador, been featured in The Yoga Journal and touched the lives of hundreds throughout her 20-years in the yoga world, Lauren is excited to continue offering the students at Open Doors amazing yoga opportunities for total body rejuvenation.

Sandee Stratton

Sandee Stratton, CYT completed 200 hour yoga teacher training at Eyes of The World, Providence Rhode Island in 2004 with Tom Gillette. She is also a certified Reiki I practitioner with Pay Iyer. Sandee has also done yoga intensives with Shiva Rea and Baron Baptiste. She has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. When I took my first yoga class in 2002 I immediately knew the connection between mind, body and spirit was something that would be a steady part of my life going forward.  At the time I didn’t know it would be so integral to my healing process.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer was one of the scariest moments of my life.  For the last year and a half I was surrounded by the unconditional love of friends, family and my extraordinary yoga community which allowed me the space and ability to cope with the difficult road ahead of me. The years of daily practice on my mat, sweating and peeling away the layers of the human condition has helped me work through many challenges presented to me. Landing on my feet, finding a strong foundation, and an open, grateful heart I am excited to be back on staff at Open Doors to share the passion of yoga.

Sara Tasney

Sara Tasney first stepped onto her yoga mat in 2010, looking for a way to complement running and weight training. It didn’t take long into her journey to find that yoga had so much more to offer than just the physical aspects. She came to appreciate the calming mental and spiritual qualities of yoga, and the sense of feeling balanced and rejuvenated after each practice. Over the years, yoga has built up both her mental and physical strength and flexibility, and more recently guided her toward completing her first marathon. Always a health and fitness enthusiast looking to try new things and challenge herself, she completed a 200-hour certification through Open Doors to deepen her practice and expand her yoga knowledge so she could share her experience and inspire others. She hopes to guide students of all levels through a strong physical practice with her playful spirit. Outside of her mat she enjoys running, traveling and spending time with her yellow lab on Cape Cod.


Katherine Twigg

Katherine encountered yoga while completing her BFA at RWU. She began to study the art of yoga and found herself spiritually and philosophically connected. As she applied the practice to her life, she began to see improvements physically and within.  It was her yoga practice that Katherine relied on throughout her career in Human Services, and after 6 years she decided it was time to embark on a new journey- one that allowed her to fuse her desire to help others with her passion for Yoga.  Since then, Yoga has taken her places she had only dreamt of going.  Most recently, she moved abroad to beautiful Costa Rica, where she taught yoga and meditation at a Retreat & Wellness center. This was an incredible experience that transformed her life, practice, and teaching.  Katherine's style has been influenced by all of her teachers and experiences; her classes urge strengthening, surrendering and continuous exploration.


Anne Winter (Also Norwell Studio)

Anne Winter has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance & Physiology from Connecticut college, a Masters in Education, from Suffolk University, is AFFA certified, and SCW certified. Her whole life has revolved around fitness. She danced professionally with Boston Ballet for three years, as a featured dancer. She also studied in New York with the American Ballet theatre, Melissa Hayden and Jacques D'Ambroise. She danced on Broadway and traveled the U.S. with several national touring companies. She had the privilege of working with Bob Fosse, Gwen Vernon, and Chita Rivera to name a few. During her travels she found yoga. It blended the discipline of ballet, with a workout for the mind. Yoga is not about right or wrong, it's about appropriateness. It's about listening inwardly and acting on those feelings. Yoga leaves you emotionally cleansed, and physically balanced. It's so clear how the mind and breath are intertwined during practice. Yoga is a synthesis of mind, body, and breath. She has studied with Baran Baptiste, Ana Forest, and at different studios across the United States. She has taught on the South Shore for over 15 years and has been retained by the Yarmouth Skating Club as their personal yoga and ballet coach. She is thrilled to have found Open Doors, and is looking forward to sharing her practice with you.


Laurie Zupkofska (Also Weymouth & Norwell Studios)

Laurie completed her 200 hour yoga teacher program with Mukti Yoga School and is also a certified personal trainer.  Laurie’s knowledge has helped enhance the well-being of her students by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. She is continually learning about all aspects of body and mind to help others to commit to a healthier lifestyle and fuel their passion to achieve their fitness and health goals no matter how big or small.  She will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular yoga classes and the integration of guided yoga programs, to make your health goals become a reality, in a caring, fun, and dynamic environment.


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