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Courtney Bell

Courtney Bell

Courtney started her journey in yoga as a student at Moksha Yoga in Chicago. 15 years later, she began her study of teaching yoga with Street Yoga in San Diego. This led her to explore more about the body and movement and trauma with Bes Van Der Kolk at Kripalu Yoga center. After taking this training, she furthered her study of yoga with Nicole Burrill and Tim Kelleher at Chakra  Power Yoga and completed her 300 hour training with Jacqui Bonwell. In addition, she holds certifications in Trauma Brain Injury yoga, SPA yoga, Mind Body Awareness practice for veterans through the American Red Cross as well as Yin Yoga and meditation. All of her experience is combined with over 20 years of clinical social work skills. Courtney is a 500 hour certified E-RYT and a certified Reiki Master 1.


meghan carroll.jpeg

Meghan Carroll

Meghan has been an athlete for most of her life. She played competitive tennis in high school and college and got into running after that. She has a bachelor's degree in exercise science and worked in fitness for 10 years before pursuing her yoga certification. She discovered yoga working in a fitness center and fell in love with the practice. It was a great workout but she always felt calm and clear after a class. She graduated from Open Doors teacher trading in 2010 and has been teaching there ever since. She strives to bring creative sequences that blend fitness with traditional yoga poses. Her classes are high energy and always set to a fun playlist. Come flow with me!


Rachel DeSimone

Rachel Desimone

​​The first time Rachel experienced yoga was in the 6th grade as an alternative to gym in her NYC public school. Never forgetting how good it made her feel, she came back to the practice in college when she was feeling stressed and deeply desiring connection, and that is exactly what she got. After stepping away from over 10 years of playing competitive ice hockey at the national camp level she was craving a new way to connect with her mind and body that was not based on competition. It’s her goal as a teacher to help others experience that same feeling of connectedness in their own mind and body, and to feel welcome in their yoga community. Rachel received her 200-hr. Yoga Teacher Training from YogaWorks in 2017 and her 300-hr. Advanced Teacher Training from Chakra Power Yoga in 2021. Her classes are full of fun flows, laughter, and the invitation to get out of your head and into your body. She facilitates linking breath to movement and helps students find that deeper connection with themselves, going far beyond just the asanas. She incorporates energetic cues and chakra-based flows into her teaching. She also focuses on strength and safe alignment in class, making sure students know where and how they are moving so they can take ownership of their practice. You can count on sweating and probably smiling in her class!


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Susie Donahue

Susie discovered yoga many years ago, when she wanted to try something new from her normal fitness routine. That first yoga class made her realize how deeply she needed to connect with herself. The period of time of letting go of self destructive behavior while simultaneously discovering yoga and breath/body connection was a fiercely transformative period for her. These transformations carried through this time and through her 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings. Susie brings a great sense of humor and a unique perspective to class, and will challenge you to challenge yourself physically but more importantly, emotionally and mentally. Susie hopes that her classes will encourage you to feel stronger, brighter, and more grounded in your time on and off the mat. When Susie is not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find her playing with her dog on a hike somewhere or taking dance classes! Susie is a 500 hour certified yoga teacher, certified in power vinyasa, trauma informed yoga, primal movement, and restorative yoga. She is also a Reiki Attuned Master Level Healer.

charlotte Garver.jpeg

Charlotte Garver

Charlotte is a Yoga Instructor because she simply cannot imagine not sharing this practice, this way of living, with others. Come to her class and reap the benefits of this energizing body, breath and mind experience. It is indeed a magnificent way to free yourself from your own 'Private Idaho': that junk each one of us has. Charlotte's personal practice will be lifelong, of this she is certain. Sharing with her students this lifelong path directly connects her to joy. Charlotte's classes will allow you to hold your own space as you practice a rhythmical and dynamic flow with guidance, fused with powerful musical elements that will help you connect to what it is that you may need that day. Charlotte's love for dance and music play a role in her teachings. Her challenging classes are rhythmic, breathe focused, and allow the student personal space to create their own experience. Charlotte's trainings include a 200 hour with Divine Play Yoga of Boston as well as their Advanced Teacher Training and Assisting Workshop. She has completed other trainings with Baron Baptiste, Jason Crandall and Tiffany Cruikshank among others. Charlotte is also teacher certified in Aerial Yoga. She has taught yoga for over 10 years and has (with great excitement!) relocated back to Boston after being away for 25 years. She is a lover of dance, great music, comedy and all things ocean.

Matthew Hughs

Matthew Hughes

To Matthew, yoga is a practice. At first and to this day Matthew views yoga as a tool to deepen his physical practice. He is passionate about moving his body. He enjoys lifting weights, snowboarding, dancing, walking and adventuring to new places, but most of all yoga is his favorite way to move his body. As his practice deepened, he became drawn to the spiritual aspects of yoga; he began to appreciate the community that yoga builds. Being inspired by amazing yoga instructors, he signed up for his first yoga teacher training program, through the Weymouth Open Doors, which he completed in December of 2021. His classes are flow-based, linking mind, body and breath. Come flow with him and have some fun on your mat!


tammy ioanilli.jpeg

Tammy Ioanilli

Tammy discovered her passion for yoga many years ago after taking her first class at Open Doors. As an avid runner and dancer growing up, she was eager to diversify her typical workout routine with something both physically challenging and mentally stimulating. She became hooked on the high-energy sculpt classes and positive atmosphere at Open Doors. The combination of vinyasa, strength training, and aerobic-style cardio did wonders for her mind and body, and working out no longer felt like a chore! Since completing her yoga sculpt training in 2016, Tammy has been teaching yoga sculpt and kid yoga throughout Boston and the South Shore. Her experience as a fitness instructor, coach, and school teacher has taught her how to support her students in helping them reach their goals. Tammy is passionate about spreading her love of yoga and is thrilled to be part of the Open Doors community!


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Shelanda Irish

Shelanda is a yogini, runner and boxing enthusiast. She was led to yoga several years ago after the suggestions of two of her dearest friends. At first, she was apprehensive as she was skeptical of what yoga could do for her from a physical perspective. Not only was Shelanda captivated by the physical aspects of yoga, she discovered an inner sense of peace that lives with her daily. As an individual who is a lover of movement, she wants to combine the elements of strength, flexibility, endurance and mental awareness to the classes she teaches. Shelanda is a believer that everyBODY can reap the benefits from a consistent yoga practice. Every time we step onto our mat, it’s an opportunity to put ourselves first. She aims to lead classes for all levels that are dynamic, sequential and challenging while offering adjustments, up-level options and modifications so that students leave practice feeling better from when they arrived. Shelanda completed her 200hr yoga teacher training at South Boston Yoga under acclaimed teachers David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund. She is forever grateful to them as they provided a learning experience that has enabled her to learn anything and everything from them about yoga while simultaneously evolving her own practice with words of wisdom and inspiration. Shelanda also holds certifications in Yoga Sculpt, Prenatal, Kids and Yin yoga. She is so thankful to be a part of the yoga community. Namaste!


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Karma Longtin

Karma was born to a family of hippies and given her name after her parents’ astrological charts indicated that they had a “karmic” link that would finally culminate in this lifetime. A native of Florida, Karma moved to Boston ten years ago and soon after began to experience intense back and joint pain. She began practicing yoga as a way to heal her body, discovering a solace that inspired her to become a teacher in 2002. Her classes focus on watching our patterns, choosing the energy we carry, and cultivating a deep connection between body, mind, and breath in order to tap into your prana flow and deepen your practice. She is equal parts chakra-astrology-crazy-woowoo and down-to-earth anatomy geek. Karma embraces many different styles of yoga including vinyasa, slow flow, yin, and restorative - blending elements of each into her classes in order to create a balanced mix of stretch and strength, opening and grounding, effort and surrender.


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Amy McAndrew

Amy’s yoga journey began over 20 years ago at Open Doors in Braintree. Her practice became even more consistent in 2009 when she became a certified ACE Personal Trainer and owner of Inside Out Fitness. The physical aspect of her practice is what she found alluring which always brought her back to her mat. She was impressed with the beautiful poses, inversions and arm balances. Yet being present, mindful and calm is what fascinated and challenged her the most. This started to shift her passion for fitness into a love and appreciation of the entire wellness of body, mind and soul. she realized without the connection of mental stillness, body awareness and proper alignment her yoga practice would never evolve and grow. This new perception led her to a new chapter of her journey into the Open Doors teacher training program in 2019. She feels that her background and knowledge as a wellness coach and body trainer allows her to help students access, connect and challenge their “true” strength both physically and mentally. By learning how to feel each movement rather than “going through the motion” one’s practice can transcend the mat in many gratifying ways.

carolyn mcdonald.jpeg

Carolyn McDonald

Carolyn has been teaching Fluid Yoga since 2014. She authentically leads, invites, and challenges students to discover the transformative power that the linkage of breath and movement holds. She is certified through the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT200) and enjoys teaching power flows for all levels, as well as SPA Yoga. She was actually led to Yoga through meditation. Her father was a strong believer in healing through meditation, and she was curious and began her own journey.

Ashley Power

Ashley Powers

Ashley has been sharing her practice as an instructor at various studios throughout the city for several years, following her completion of Health Yoga Life's 200 hour teacher training program. When Ashley is not teaching a Sculpt or Power Flow class you can find her running, having completed several marathons and always training for her next, she uses yoga to keep her body healthy and her mind clear. Ashley brings a fun and upbeat persona to her classes, often adding a "gentle" challenge. She feels fulfilled seeing students leaving with a smile, knowing they have gained both the mental and physical benefits the practice has to offer.


justin quinn.jpeg

Justin Quinn

Always on a mission to create balance in his life, Justin found yoga in high school and fell in love with the practice. It started just as a compliment to running, but soon became an integral part of his everyday life. He completed his 200 hr. yoga teacher certification with CorePower yoga in 2016, and soon after became certified to teach Yoga Sculpt, Barre and Spin. He believes yoga is for everybody, and he is dedicated to making students feel like the best version of themself. His classes are driven by connecting music to movement and creating an atmosphere of expression and inspiration in a challenging, meaningful way. You can expect big beats, big smiles and a deeper connection to yourself. He is excited to see you on your mat! 

Laura Reiman

Laura Reiman 

Laura completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 a few years after starting to practice yoga, which changed her for the better. Her classes are energetic and challenging. She likes to encourage her students to recognize their own strength whether it’s challenging themselves along with her or giving them permission to rest or do something else. In Laura’s class you’ll build up to a vigorous flow together, using your shared energy and space to find the best in each of you. You’ll then cool it down while you acknowledge yourselves individually and as a group for your efforts and release any remaining stress. When she’s not on the mat or in the studio, Laura is going to concerts, hiking outside, playing with her super adorable dog and checking out all that the Boston area has to offer! Oh, and yes, she does have a New York accent. She can’t wait to have you in class with her!

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Adam Ridge

Adam’s personal yoga practice began 15 years ago in college through breathwork and meditation, however; as a lifetime athlete and surfer, he found himself drawn to the physical and mental challenges that a well-taught power yoga class can offer. He is a 2011 graduate of Inner Strength’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with 4,000 hours of teaching experience. To go with his athletic background, Adam completed an Orthopedic Massage and Myofascial Release training program with Tom Karis in 2015. His power yoga classes emphasize fluidity, grace, mindfulness and breath. With Adam’s understanding of the body and athletic movement, you can expect to be inspired to push your own personal edge in a safe yet spontaneous manner.

abby shove.jpeg

Abby Shove

Abby received her yoga sculpt certification in 2017 and has been teaching for 4 years and practicing yoga for 10! She has always been heavily involved in sports and coaching and believes that most of life’s problems can be solved with sweat. She enjoys motivating people and seeing what they can accomplish when they put their minds to it. When she is not teaching she enjoys running and hanging out with her mom and friends! Come sweat it out with Abby!