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Carolyn Bradley

I had taken yoga classes on and off during and after college. I enjoyed the practice but never had that elusive “feeling” everyone talks about with yoga. I moved to the suburbs and wandered into a new yoga studio. Something clicked. I began to crave yoga and practice almost every day. I had that “feeling” and I could appreciate the practice for more than its physical benefits. I still have a difficult time articulating what yoga means to me. A teacher of mine recently asked me how yoga makes me feel. I responded that yoga makes me feel everything. All that we learn in yoga can be applied to and help us in our everyday lives. I decided to take a teacher training to deepen my practice but during training realized that I really would like to share yoga with others. I am 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. I am also a Certified Kid’s Yoga Teacher. I hope I can bring yoga into their lives so that it may affect them as it has affected me. Everyone can practice yoga! Students can expect a more light-hearted and accessible approach in my classes. I am so grateful for yoga and grateful for the opportunity to share this gift with others.


Susan Coffey

After many years of long distance running I began to incorporate yoga into my exercise routine, mainly for the stretching aspect. Soon after I started I realized how life changing yoga can be. Because of my love for yoga I decided I wanted to help others realize the benefits of yoga as well. I received my yoga teacher training certificate from Open Doors in June 2018. I am also a nurse, and as an R.N. I see how important the mind body connection is to one's health. As a yoga instructor I really enjoy teaching breath work and offering modifications to accommodate all students. My goal for my students is for them to truly connect to their bodies, and to find calmness and clarity in their minds. When I'm not practicing yoga I'm usually hiking, and spending quality time with my husband Amir and my two "boys", Popcorn and Fenway.


Kathleen DeGrandis (Sub)

The yoga practice became a constant in my life in 2014. The first time I came to my mat I recognized that it was a space where there were no expectations which allowed me to “just be” during a time that was turbulent. Finding space opened my heart and mind to find the positive where there use to be negative and I experienced a true transformation in my body and soul. As a teacher I encourage my students to find their space on the mat and focus on the present moment. The class goal is that my students accept where they are in the moment which will hopefully transcend into their life. In 2016 I completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Universal Power Yoga. I am Reiki I certified and have taken workshops that focus on physical alignment.

Susan Desisto

Susan DeSisto, a 200 hour certified Registered Yoga Teacher( RYT-200 hr), is inspired to share her love of yoga through her teaching. Her classes focus on breath and alignment principles and are both playful and challenging. She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Universal Power Yoga in Norwood,MA under the guidance of Jen Merola Palmer, Sue Bonanno and Bill MacDonald. In addition to being a Yoga Instructor, Susan is a licensed Massage Therapist. Susan graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA and studied Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Susan integrates her knowledge of the structure of the body and anatomy into her yoga classes. She also feels the importance of creating a healthy and safe environment for her students to practice.


Bethany Dupree

 I took my very first yoga class at Open Doors Yoga Studios back in 2010. I remember little of the class except for the very beginning, where the instructor taught me how to really breathe (In and out through the nose! Who knew?!), and the very end, where in Savasana I learned I could really be. After eight years of focusing on my own practice, I realized that a) there was so much more I wanted to learn and b) I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer! I started the deep dive into teacher training, gaining my 200-hr yoga certification as well as a certification in meditation. And the journey will never end as I continue to explore the layers upon layers of what yoga has to offer. We are truly learners in this lifetime! Yoga has brought me to a place where I feel light-hearted, free, and grateful. And I now see that every breath we take is an incredible opportunity to practice this thing called life.


Rebecca Flinn

I walked away from my 1st yoga class thinking something was different in me. I thought it was that I spent an hour in survival mode and survived! Looking back, I realized that I was only focused on the moment and there was no room for any other thoughts. It was such a great feeling to be present and not being distracted by constant thoughts or worries. Flash forward 14 years and now in my 50’s, I entered the Universal Power Yoga (UPY) studio and met the yoga instructors who would guide me on the 200 hour journey to becoming a teacher; Jen Merola-Palmer, Sue Bonanno and Bill MacDonald. I learned how important this practice is toward fostering a healthier lifestyle and outlook. Yoga is my path toward a more balanced and joyful life. When you can clear your mind, you can clear away any obstacles that may be holding you back. I believe a yoga class should be uplifting and fun, yet mindful. I like to practice with a sense of playfulness. Yoga allows for this kind of exploration and light hearted approach, a balance of effort and play. If you are having fun, it doesn’t feel like work!

Heather Juric

My name is Heather and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher. I completed my yoga teacher training at Health Yoga Life in Boston. My yoga teacher training focused on Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power, and Iyengar styles. Fitness, health promotion, the mind, body, spirit connection, meditation, mindfulness and the power of our thoughts are my passion. As a Registered Nurse with a personal commitment to my personal yoga and meditation practice, I am thrilled to further explore and share these philosophies with my clients.

Angela Montello

I’ve always aspired to have a consistent yoga practice. I would lay my mat out in my living room and follow videos from time to time, but could never seem to keep a solid routine. I had been skeptical of going to yoga classes because the idea of working out in front of a group of strangers made me uneasy. I found Buti yoga about three years ago, and it immediately changed my perspective on going to classes and yoga itself. After that first class I was so inspired by the movements, and the connection with the body, breathe and beat of the music it was impossible to live without this practice in my life from that point on. Through the years my inspiration for Buti yoga just kept growing, and that is when I realized its my turn to give it back to the people around me. I am Buti Yoga certified and Hot Buti Yoga certified through the Buti 200 HR RYT program. My classes are meant to move your body and awaken your soul, and sweat through a combination of Vinyasa flow, tribal dance, cardio, and plyometrics. My goal is to give you a space to let go of the stress that daily life brings to us, and to just have fun!

Tiffany Persechini

I discovered yoga more than 25 years ago when I tried a class shortly after the birth of my first child. Although I signed up for yoga as a way to reclaim my physical body, what kept me returning to my mat was the ability of a good yoga class to help me put my life in perspective. After years of trying to convince my friends to join me in a class, I decided that the best way I could share the gifts of the practice with my friends and others would be to become a teacher myself. As a teacher, I hope to share my love of the practice and guide others to discover their inner strength, a sense of calm, and the perspective to regain balance in this sometimes tumultuous world. I completed my 200 hour yoga certification through Universal Power Yoga in Norwood. I am a certified meditation teacher and a certified kids yoga instructor.

Sabrina Roy

The first time I experienced what intentional focus on breath and movement could do for my mind, body, and soul I was hooked! My yoga practice has benefited my wellbeing both on and off the mat so much so that I had to share it with others. I am a 200hr-RYT and currently enrolled in 300hr teacher training program. I am passionate about learning how to better serve my students, and am so grateful to share this practice with you!

Hayley Rozell

I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years and it has provided both my mind and body with flexibility. I have been practicing Buti yoga for 3 years now and it has been a great stress relieving, core strengthening, and primal experience! Yoga mixed with dance, cardio, and plyometrics makes for a fun and well-rounded workout. 

Jen Serani

Jen has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She received her 200-hour yoga alliance certification through Open Doors and completed her Yin Yoga teacher training with Shawn Cornelison. I love yoga for the balance that it brings in my life and I love helping others explore and find their balance through yoga. Everyone has the craziness in their lives and finding that time and space on our yoga mats to focus on ourselves is so important. I enjoy the physical and mental aspects of many types of yoga from the power vinyasa flows to the strength and flexibility of Yin poses. I look forward to practicing with you soon in class!


Jovan Tevin

Seamlessly intune with the mind, body, spirit connection throughout childhood. Jovan turned to Yoga during the most difficult time when this connection felt lost due to a chronic shoulder dislocation. An injury that not only limited him physically but as an individual as well. The injury that lead him to this profound practice of yoga to get back to the child within. Jovan achieved his 200 Hr certification while traveling to Koh Samui, Thailand. Jovan offers any practitioner to allow themselves to experience their internal space for what it is, by combining self inquiry, with physically demanding sequencing and subtle integration of chakras; with a deep connection in the practices of Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin. Jovan's mantra is "Self discipline is an act of self love" and when we move with meditation, unconditional self love is built. 


Cassie Torres (Franchise Owner and Instructor)

I truly began practicing yoga in 2010. I have always been an active individual (body and mind) so I fell in love with the practice immediately. Yoga has since become one of the staples in my life that helps to keep me grounded. I am currently a full time nurse, and I'm continuously finding ways to share my yoga practice and teaching experience within my nursing role. I believe health is all about finding balance. When your body, mind, and spirit are all on the same page, that is what I call healthy. I first began teaching yoga in 2013 after completing the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training through Open Doors Yoga Studios. I intended to teach kids yoga as a light-hearted and fun way to relieve stress, but became hooked on teaching immediately! The passion I feel when sharing the practice of Yoga with others is my driving force, and is what lead me to pursue my 200hr RYT also through Open Doors Yoga Studios.

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